Blog: G8: Bread and Circuses

While not quite the Circus Maximus, Silvio Berlusconi’s G8 has been an amazing exercise in spin, powered by round-the-clock ‘bread’ and refreshments for the journalists reporting the event (and it should be said, NGOs as well).

Blog: Natural disasters will hurt 50% more people by 2015. Why? Climate Change + Inequality

There has been some striking progress in reducing the death toll from natural disasters in recent decades. While Cyclone Sidr killed around 3,000 people in Bangladesh in 2007, similar or weaker storms killed 100 times that number in 1972 and 45 times more people in 1991, largely because governments and local communities have since taken action to reduce risk.

On Valentine's Day, Dorothy joins activists to serenade the Italian Minister of Finance. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: The Italian Job

Following her trip to Germany Dorothy N'goma, Executive Director of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi, now writes about her experiences in Italy. Here she sees some of the preparations for the G8, before serenading a minister.

Blog: Will they hear about Doha in Malawi?

Now that the hoopla is over, I feel compelled to answer my own questions (and address my fears) about what was achieved at the United Nations Financing for Development Conference in Doha. Of course, had we solved the problems of poverty and under-development, I would be out of a job (though I swear I wouldn’t mind!)

Blog: Never use animals, children or balloons

Today is the last day before the G8 summit begins and I am once again faced with the eternal wisdom: “When you’re doing a public performance, do not use animals, children or balloons”.

At first it seemed like a good idea to have a thousand balloons on the square in front of the Sapporo Convention Center, representing one million wishes sent from people around the world asking for an end to poverty, as part of the Japanese tanabata festival. As we soon found out: concrete and balloons don’t mix.

Blog: Poor people can’t bear it – Oxfam’s Polar Bears reject the US Climate offer

Oxfam’s Polar bears came back for a second visit to the Untied Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia today, as they could not believe that on the final day of the summit, there was still no clear agreement on a way forward to tackle climate change. You can watch a video of what they got up to on our YouTube Channel.

Blog: Getting the voices of those impacted by climate change heard in Bali.

Sahba Chauhan has been busy for the past two weeks liaising with partner organizations in developing countries that Oxfam works with. I caught up with Sahba, at the conference on its second last day, to find out more about what she and our partners have been doing here in Bali.

Karina - Why is it important to have organisations from Least Developed and Developing countries here at this conference?

Blog: What does Adaptation Finance have to do with Climate Change?

Today, we launched a new briefing note (see all the photos here) at the UN Climate Change Conference that is being held in Bali, Indonesia.


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