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Blog: The migration solution is a humanitarian solution

The increasingly dramatic images on our televis

Mexico slum. Photo: Bushra al-Fusail

Blog: Do you care about fighting poverty, climate change and inequality? Then you’ll probably care about these three letters: FfD

How can these three little letters ‘FfD’ bring us one step closer to tackling the world’s greatest threats: poverty, climate change and inequality?

Beatrice Quayee holds rice ready for transplanting, River Gee county, Liberia. Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam

Blog: Africa: Rising for the few

Africa is losing billions of dollars through tax dodging. This week's World Economic Forum on Africa 2015 must squarely address tax avoidance tricks and other illicit financial flows, tax incentives, and debt repayments. Unless African leaders tackle such issues, it is the rich world that will continue to gain the most from Africa’s progress.http://www.weforum.org/events/world-economic-forum-africa-2015

Two locals find safe ground in front of a destroyed structure in Bhaktapur region of Kathmandu, Nepal 26 April 2015. Photo: EPA/Hemanta Shrestha

Blog: Devastating earthquake in Nepal: immediate relief and long-term disaster risk reduction

While Oxfam and others rush humanitarian relief to Nepal, the country has long been desperate for a huge, sustained investment to strengthen its physical infrastructure in order to keep its people safer, and to develop its economy and services so that local communities and the state had enough assets to fall back on.

Health worker, Sister Agnus Memorial Maternity Clinic, Gardnersville, Liberia. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Blog: 7,000 people, one clinic, no running water: Ebola and West Africa’s chronic health crisis

Ebola policy lead, Jess Skinner, describes how health care workers in Liberia have continued to provide basic services throughout the Ebola crisis, despite the personal risks involved and a chronic lack of resources.

Together we can end extreme inequality.

Blog: More billionaires, more inequality - even at the dizzying top

So there are now 1,826 global billionaires with a combined wealth of $7.05 trillion. This beats last year’s amount by $650 billion, but is this good news?

Big business courts governments to rig rules and dodge taxes.

Blog: Roses are red, violets are blue, lobby me good and I won’t tax you

Valentines day. Love.

Greek protest against austerity, 2011.

Blog: Why Greece rejected the austerity that increased poverty and inequality

Greece’s rejection of austerity policies may raise eyebrows across Europe, but it should not come as a surprise. Civil society has been warning about the possibility of a continental ‘lost decade’ for several years, with Oxfam predicting that damaging austerity policies could force up to 25 million Europeans into poverty by 2025.

Middle class apartments rise above the insecure housing of a slum community in Lucknow, India. Photo: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

Blog: On wealth, debt and inequality – in response to some criticism

It’s been an exciting week for Oxfam.

Oxfam is calling for a World Tax Summit in 2015.

Blog: Why is Oxfam calling for a World Tax Summit?

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