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Refugees transporting water in Jamam camp. Credit: Darya Musiyenko/Oxfam

Blog: South Sudan: Refugees, returnees, and the family goats

“Peter stop nibbling the tablecloth, shoo” – a friendly rebuke came from the Kenyan lodge owner. Peter, the errant goat looked up briefly then nonchalantly resumed his nibbling. Another goat then caught my eye – apparently Peter’s companion I was then told, George... I nearly fell off my chair as I laughed out loud, much to the bemusement of my eclectic mix of companions.

Blog: “I miss my husband” – DRC refugees seek safety in Uganda

As vast swathes of eastern DRC descend further into chaos with little government or security presence, people continue to flee to escape killing, rape, looting and extortion committed by rebel militia. In Uganda, more than 1,000 people are arriving each week to the Rwamwanja refugee settlement, now home to more than 20,000 refugees, with a further 10,000 people waiting in the Nyakabanda transit camp on the DRC border.

A refugee camp outside Mogadishu. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Blog: On the ground in Mogadishu: More needs to be done

It’s hard to blend in during a community visit when you’re wearing a heavy flak jacket. But here I was in Mogadishu, the conflict-ravaged capital of Somalia, dressed not in the hijab I’d just bought in Kenya, thinking it was culturally appropriate, but strapped into a bullet proof protective vest, weighing 10 kilos or more, slowing down my movements as I ran about trying to film the work Oxfam is supporting and marking me out clearly as a foreigner.


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