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Wadha, in Deir Ez-Zor, is one of many people benefiting from Oxfam’s cash-for-work program in Syria. Credit: Dania Kareh/Oxfam

Blog: Five things crisis-affected Syrians need right now

Syria's people are caught in terrible bind: eight years of war, millions need life-saving aid. The humanitarian response in Syria is significantly underfunded. Yet the international community doesn't want to support activities that it thinks could strengthen the government of Syria. So what next?

Khaldieh and her granddaughters

Blog: Syria: when hope is all that's left for families broken by war

ALEPPO - Khaldieh sits on a mattress on the flo

Boys collect drinking water from an Oxfam supplied water tank in Zaatari camp in Jordan. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam, Sept 2015

Blog: Billions Raised by London Conference but Will It Reach Syrians?

Yesterday’s Syria Conference in London could be a potential turning point with some rich countries pledging far more aid than in previous years. But others still need to step up and give their fair share. Vitally, we need to see these pledges becoming reality.

Stand firm for humanity.

Blog: The migration solution is a humanitarian solution

The increasingly dramatic images on our televis

Abu Anas y su familia. Foto: Yasmine Chawaf/Oxfam

Blog: Four million Syrian refugees registered across the border: When will this end?

Today the number of Syria's refugees has passed 4 million, creating a massive strain on host communities and the public services and infrastructure on which they rely. Unfortunately, the generosity of Syria’s neighbors has been taken for granted for too long, and refugees are increasingly paying the price.

Emad and his family fled from the conflict in Syria, to Jordan in September 2012. Credit: Khalid Said/Oxfam

Blog: Syria: wealthy governments meeting in Kuwait hold the key to survival for millions

It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed in the

Strong winds blew the roof off the shelter that housed Yehia, a farmer from Syria, and his family. Credit: Oriol Andres/Oxfam

Blog: Winter storm and increased border restrictions bring new challenges to conflict-weary Syrian refugees

With our partners in Lebanon and Jordan, we work to reach refugee families hit hard by torrents of rain and snow.

An amazing display of solidarity #WithSyria!

Blog: An amazing display of solidarity #WithSyria!

What an amazing display of support for the #WithSyria campaign for the third anniversary of the Syria crisis – congratulations one and all for a truly moving display of solidarity!

From refugees in Sahrawi camp in Algeria, to Justin Bieber, people literally all over the world stood #WithSyria. It was just fantastic to be able to describe this to some of the kids who gathered with balloons and candles in Za’atari camp last week here in Jordan (photo below, via Muath Freij/Oxfam).

Children’s hopes for the future of Syria take to the skies to mark the third anniversary of the crisis

Blog: Children’s hopes for the future of Syria take to the skies to mark the third anniversary of the crisis

Our communications lead in Syria, Rachel Cawood, shared with us this heartfelt story of the hope for peace in Syria.

Three years of Syria conflict: We need a turning point toward peace

Blog: Three years of Syria conflict: We need a turning point toward peace

Nigel Timmins is Oxfam’s deputy humanitarian director. He heads the organization’s response to the Syria crisis. Here, he reflects on his personal experiences working with Syrians.

The story of Sabeen, who fled Syria just 24 hours after giving birth to her baby, will stay with me forever.


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