Member of Dilokata farmers group in her garden in Bito village, Uganda. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Day 8: The Future is Already Here

The future has arrived, it’s just not at the scale required. The spread of bottom-up approaches to farmer innovation, coupled with breakthrough technology developed by input companies, will make smallholders productive and profitable. Crucially, new technologies must be accessible, appropriate and affordable.

By Kavita Prakash-Mani, Head of Food Security Agenda, Syngenta International

A man from the Sahel. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Day 8: Frame new ideas within indigenous knowledge

Experts’ ideas about how resource-poor farmers could improve productivity ought to be guided by indigenous knowledge. Low-cost, micro-innovations that make use of local resources have great potential but are often overlooked by mainstream developers of agricultural technology.

By Dr. Florence Wambugu, CEO, Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International (AHBFI)

Woman filling a jerry can with water, Tanzania

Blog: Day 6: Growing a More Food-Secure World

An agriculture that is resilient and sustainable, and provides sufficient safe, affordable food for all, will be built on four cornerstones: comparative advantage, open trade, markets that work for both producers and consumers, and an African continent that contributes positively to food production.

By Harold Poelma, Managing Director of Cargill Refined Oils Europe

Women receiving health messages by mobile phone. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Mobile phones help tackle cholera in inaccessible parts of Somalia

In Somalia, one of the most difficult and dangerous places for aid agencies to work, the conflict has left many communities hard to reach. Mobile phones offer an innovative way of educating such communities with life-saving information.

Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos

Blog: OpenIDEO maternal health challenge: And the winner is...

After 3 months of online collaboration the OpenIDEO maternal health challenge winners are announced. Ian Sullivan reports.

A few months ago I was pulled into a meeting room and asked if I fancied taking on a piece of work with a company called IDEO. Oxfam had signed up to partner with them and Nokia in a challenge, "How might we improve maternal health with mobile technologies for low income countries?" 

Blog: Open IDEO maternal health challenge – Inspired to innovate

Last week I met with the cool people at OpenIDEO and Nokia. We were preparing for stage 2 of our online collaborative challenge, "How might we improve maternal health with mobile technologies for low-income countries?" Click here to get involved with this vibrant global community.

The Upper East Region of Ghana has only 9 doctors in the entire region, meaning 1 doctor to every 1 million patients. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos

Blog: New maternal health challenge: your creativity needed

Last week Oxfam teamed up with Nokia and OpenIDEO to launch a fantastic new campaign around maternal health. We’re looking to harness people’s skills in the world of mobile technology into ideas that can have impact on maternal health. If you’ve got some great thoughts about how mobile technology can be used to improve people’s lives then your creativity is needed.

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