Salle de classe vide, au Mali

Blog: Jour 9: Trop peu de fermiers : une perspective des Etats-Unis

Tous les maux perçus de l’agriculture américaine se réduisent au fait qu’il y a trop peu de fermiers œuvrant à nourrir trop de personnes. Le défi est d’encourager plus de jeunes à devenir agriculteurs et de les soutenir pendant qu’ils développent leur savoir-faire durant les premières années.

Par Michael O’Gorman, fondateur, Coalition des fermiers-vétérans 

Empty classroom, Mali. Image: Oxfam

Blog: Day 9: Too Few Farmers: A view from the United States

Every perceived ill of US farming boils down to too few farmers working to feed too many people. The challenge is to get more young people farming, and help them through the early years when they must focus on learning their craft.

By Michael O’Gorman. Founder of the Farmer Veteran Coalition

Aula vacía, Malí

Blog: Día 9: Faltan agricultores en Estados Unidos

Todo mal percibido de la agricultura estadounidense se reduce a lo siguiente: pocos agricultores trabajan para alimentar a demasiadas personas. El desafío es aumentar el número de agricultores jóvenes y ayudarles durante los primeros años cuando tienen que aprender las destrezas del oficio.

Por Michael O’Gorman, fundador, Coalición Agricultor-Veterano 

Blog: Poor people can’t bear it – Oxfam’s Polar Bears reject the US Climate offer

Oxfam’s Polar bears came back for a second visit to the Untied Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia today, as they could not believe that on the final day of the summit, there was still no clear agreement on a way forward to tackle climate change. You can watch a video of what they got up to on our YouTube Channel.

Blog: It's up to U Now - message to delegates Climate Change Conference

With just three days left to the conference closes, Oxfam blitzed delegates at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, with a special photographic exhibition and calendar called "It's up to UNow".

The photos, are messages from people in developing countries, who are already having to adapt and live with the impacts of climate change, as well as people from rich countries, who are taking personal action to reduce their contribution to climate change.

Blog: When a Ugandan Minister meets a US Senator

Oxfam Press Officer Laura Rusu, reports back on a day spent with politicians from different sides of the world, and what they can do to help to tackle climate change.

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