Les Grosses Têtes d'Oxfam cherchent une voie pour le climat, au lendemain du fiasco de Varsovie. Photo : Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Nous avons besoin de vous pour dire à nos responsables politiques de changer de cap pour le climat

Combien de personnes faut-il pour sauver un accord mondial sur le climat ? Beaucoup. En fait, nous ne pourrons y parvenir qu’avec une mobilisation massive de citoyennes et citoyens comme vous. Et c’est le moment d’agir !

The Oxfam Big Heads wonder which climate road to follow after the Warsaw fiasco. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: We need you: Tell world leaders to change direction for the climate

How many people does it take to rescue a global climate deal? Lots. In fact, we can only do it with massive public pressure from people like you. And the time is now.

The latest round of UN discussions trying to solve the massive issue of climate change ended today. Sadly, this year’s negotiations, in Warsaw, Poland, were something of a farce. As Oxfam’s Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said:

Polluters talk, we walk: 800 people walk out on UN climate talks 2013. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Por qué encabecé el grupo que abandonó las negociaciones sobre cambio climático de Naciones Unidas

Ayer encabecé el grupo formado por cientos de personas de todo el mundo que abandonó la 19ª conferencia sobre cambio climático de Naciones Unidas en señal de protesta. Oxfam lleva participando activamente en las negociaciones desde hace ya mucho tiempo, luchando para contribuir a frenar el cambio climático y prestar apoyo a las personas perjudicadas por sus efectos.

Polluters talk, we walk: 800 people walk out on UN climate talks 2013. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Why I was part of hundreds of people walking out of the UN climate talks

Today I joined hundreds of people from around the world in a walk out of the 19th UN climate talks. Oxfam has been keenly involved in the talks for a long time, fighting to help stop climate change, and to support people affected by it, and every day the urgency for governments to help gets greater.

The Polish Government welcomes dirty coal to Poland in a campaign stunt. Photo: Marco Cadena/FoE Europe

Blog: End this madness: Start investing in clean energy now

As weary delegates enter week two of the COP19 talks in Warsaw, to wrangle over how to reduce emissions and curb climate change, the Polish government is sponsoring a parallel “International Coal and Climate Summit.” The Summit says it will “discuss the role of coal in the global economy, in the context of the climate change agenda.” Dirty energy such as coal is the single biggest driver of climate change.

Oxfam activists at the UN climate talks in Warsaw, November 2013

Blog: Thousands marching for climate justice in Poland

This weekend, thousands of people marched at the UN climate talks in Warsaw, to send the message that we must stop climate change now.

COP 19/ CMP 9 president Marcin Korolec briefs the press. Photo: UN Climate Change

Blog: Warsaw: What is it good for? Poland’s role in the climate change talks

I just arrived in Warsaw, joining the Oxfam team that must already be part exhausted by the first three days of the climate change talks here.

Les Grosses têtes d'Oxfam vendent des légumes avariés sur un marché de Varsovie

Blog: Pourquoi faisons-nous campagne avec les Grosses Têtes en Pologne à la COP19 ?

Vous êtes probablement au courant qu’Oxfam est actuellement présente, dans le froid de Varsovie, à la conférence des Nations unies sur le changement climatique. Mais qu’est-ce que cela signifie et que faisons-nous ici ?

The Oxfam Big Heads sell food damaged by climate change. Photo: Al Kinley/Oxfam

Blog: Four reasons why Oxfam – and the Oxfam big heads – are at the UN Climate Talks in Poland

You might know that Oxfam is in chilly Warsaw this November, at the UN climate change talks. But what does that mean, and what are we doing here?

Three reasons I hope the Poland climate talks are just like Poland

Blog: Three reasons I hope the Poland climate talks are just like Poland

I’ve just arrived at the annual UN climate change talks. Here, governments from around the world come to try and work out a solution to the massive problem of climate change. (Though some of them seem to come to actually slow down progress!)

Three things struck me almost as soon as I got to Poland – and they’re all examples that governments should make a note of if they want to help protect people around the world from the devastating effects of climate change.

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