A woman carrying a baby on her back plus 2 jerrycans full of Oxfam-supplied water, in  Nasechabuin, Turkana. Credit: Joyce Kabue/Oxfam, March 2017

Blog: Breaking the cycle of Turkana's drought crisis

Turkana is among 23 counties, half of Kenya, that have been ravaged by a devastating drought. Oxfam's long term water solutions are helping families in Turkana break the cycle of crisis and cope in the drought.

Jean Robert looks around, still unable to believe his eyes. ‘I never saw anything like it, the speed of it. Truly terrible.’

Blog: The deadly trail of Hurricane Matthew

As we visit the families living in the most affected areas in Haiti, the destruction left by hurricane Matthew is more evident, as well as the urgent humanitarian needs of those affected. Destroyed schools and homes reduced to rubble have left thousands of families with absolutely nothing. You can help.

Oxfam water system, Hama, Syria, June 2015. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Oxfam improving access to safe water in Syria

Oxfam has been working with Syria's Ministry of Water Resources for the past 18 months by drilling wells, repairing old and damaged water networks and trucking water. We have managed to reach more than one million people with clean water, and we are trying to double the number.

Marching for the right to food in El Salvador.

Blog: Join the campaign for the Right to Food and Water in El Salvador

Right now, nearly a million people don’t have enough to eat, and 1.5 million don’t have safe drinking water. You can help change this!

Strong winds blew the roof off the shelter that housed Yehia, a farmer from Syria, and his family. Credit: Oriol Andres/Oxfam

Blog: Winter storm and increased border restrictions bring new challenges to conflict-weary Syrian refugees

With our partners in Lebanon and Jordan, we work to reach refugee families hit hard by torrents of rain and snow.

Engineer adjusting hot water tanks in Lebanon. Photo: Francesca Pini, Oxfam Italia

Blog: Berlin Conference on Syria refugee response must deliver as harsh winter approaches

As winter approaches, and temperatures are set to plummet below freezing, see how Oxfam is helping some of Syria's refugees in Lebanon keep warm through the cold months.

Children collect water from Oxfam tap stands at Zaatari refugee camp. Credit: Caroline Gluck

Blog: Syrian refugee influx adding to Jordan’s water worries

Just a short distance from Zaatari, Jordan’s sprawling refugee camp, hosting more than 160,000 people who’ve fled conflict in Syria, lies a road full of small nurseries growing vegetables and olive trees.

Kilometres of crushed banana plantations in Compostela Valley province, The Phllippines. Foto: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Blog: The Philippines: Don't they know it's Christmas?

In the Philippines, a strongly Catholic country, the first signs of Christmas appear months before the actual event: shops playing Christmas carols on their audio loops, brightly decorated trees, neon Santas and reindeers are colourfully displayed outside shops and plazas. It is hard to get away from the holiday over-load.

But in Compostela Valley province, on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao, there are no obvious signs that one of the most important festive and religious dates in the country’s calendar is just days away.

Bangladeshi women filling their water cans

Blog: Day 7: Working harder isn’t working

Striving to produce ever more food is the wrong starting point for achieving food security. Instead, let’s focus on reducing inequalities by giving small-scale farmers’ more control, valuing their knowledge, and removing barriers that hamper women’s ability to farm on equal terms.

By Rokeya Kabir, Executive Director of Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS)

Alrededor de 30 estudiantes cantan en una sala de clase

Blog: Kenia: El agua trae nuevas esperanzas mientras Wajir trata de recuperarse de la sequía

Un año después del llamamiento de Oxfam sobre la crisis alimentaria en el Cuerno de África, Polycarp Otieno vuelve a Wajir, en el noreste de Kenia, para comprobar como la respuesta de Oxfam está contribuyendo a la recuperación de las comunidades:


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