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Blog: Gender Equality: Because It’s 2015!

Nisha Agrawal, Oxfam India’s CEO explains how an inclusive struggle to challenge and change social norms is our hope for gender equality.

Women's Community Discussion Class, Seraghari Village, Nepal. Photo: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Blog: How to end the male monopoly on peace: More seats at the table for women

The continuing reality that men enjoy an almost exclusive role in peace processes defies both logic and evidence. This year's Open Debate on Peace and Security at the UN must make headway to change this.

Let's join our voice and actions to say Enough! Let's end violence against women.

Blog: This is not “bad luck", it is sexist violence

We live in a society that accepts violence against women as normal and also accepts that men act in certain ways in order to command respect and to maintain a status quo and power.

Esther Ndlovu, small farmer in Matobo district, southern Zimbabwe. Photo: Innocent Katsande/Oxfam

Blog: Zimbabwe: Swift action required as numbers of people affected by drought rise

Last week the Southern Africa Development Community declared a regional drought emergency, and launching a $2.4 billion appeal to the international community. Oxfam Communications Coordinator, Innocent Katsande reports from Zimbabwe on the urgent need for help.

Oxfam India believes in the ‘Right to Life with Dignity for All’.

Blog: Violence as an effective mode of “Indian” communication

As a society that sanctions, legitimizes, and even applauds violence, how can India look selectively at just one manifestation? 

Climate change is causing hunger.

Blog: Collective voices critical to end hunger

As GROW Week came to a close, Dorah Ntunga from Oxfam in Uganda reflected on World Food Day as the pivotal moment for Africa’s Women.Food.Climate campaign.

Hawa and daughter Kinisi, somalia. Photo: Adeso

Blog: International Women’s Day: Remittances are a lifeline for women in Somalia

On International Women’s Day it is worth remembering that without remittances, many women in Somalia risk losing their only formal or transparent channel through which to access money.

Families in Tong Ping displaced persons settlement carry their newly received non food items back to where they're staying. Photo: Anita Kattakhuzy/Oxfam

Blog: Oxfam welcomes landmark UN Security Council Resolution on policing

Elizabeth lives in a UN camp for displaced persons in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. She’s just one of around 100,000 civilians who has sought refuge in one of the compounds the United Nations peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), following the outbreak of vicious fighting in December 2013.

Une femme tient sa fille contre elle lors d'un bombardement par l'aviation syrienne. Photo : Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Blog: « Ayez confiance en nous, les femmes syriennes. Nous sommes capables de tout »

Jenny Enarsson, conseillère genre pour les opérations d'Oxfam face à la crise en Syrie, explique pourquoi il est essentiel que les femmes de Syrie puissent participer aux négociations dans le cadre du processus de paix.

Une femme tient sa fille contre elle lors d'un bombardement par l'aviation syrienne. Photo : Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Blog: ‘Have faith in Syrian women. We can do anything.’

Jenny Enarsson, Oxfam's Syria crisis response gender advisor, explains why including Syria's women in negotiations is critical for the peace process.


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