Zaatari refugee camp

La recién nacida Limar con sus padres, Liqaa' y Basel

Blog: El día en que nació nuestro querido bebé

Mientras el Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados anunciaba el martes que el número de refugiados sirios registrados que ha huido de Siria ha alcanzado los dos millones, te traemos noticias más felices de nuestra querida amiga Liqaa’. 

Newborn Limar with her parents Liqaa and Bassel

Blog: Two million Syrian refugees – and another sweet new baby is born

As the United Nations High Commission on Refugees announced on Tuesday that the number of registered refugees fleeing Syria has reached 2 million, we bring you some happier news about our friend Liqaa.

If you’ve been following our campaign for a political solution to the crisis in Syria, you’ll know that Liqaa agreed to be the face of our campaign when she moved to Za’atari refugee camp, heavily pregnant, earlier this year.

How solar power is helping Syrian refugees

Blog: How solar power is helping Syrian refugees

For Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Zaatari camp, the sun’s light means safer nights.

Look closely at the photo above. Notice anything different about those lampposts? In fact, the lights in the background of the photo—which was taken in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp earlier this month—are actually solar-powered lamps installed by Oxfam to help improve residents’ safety.

Helping disabled Syrian refugees live with dignity in Jordan’s Zaatari camp

Blog: Helping disabled Syrian refugees live with dignity in Jordan’s Zaatari camp

Adapting to life in Jordan’s sprawling desert refugee camp Zaatari, is hard for all refugees, but especially so for those with disabilities and special needs.

I met 12-year-old Sidra, who had arrived just two days earlier, with her mother and brother on the main street near the camp entrance. They had just gone to a hospital in the camp to register Sidra and request a wheelchair.

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