Conflits et Urgences

Les conséquences dévastatrices sur les citoyens et citoyennes ordinaires des catastrophes, situations d'urgence et conflits, si fréquents soient-ils, peuvent bien souvent être évitées.

Vista general de Pedernales, Ecuador

Blog: La operación de Oxfam en Ecuador

Oxfam está ayudando a las comunidades más afectadas con sumunistro de agua potable. Sin embargo, la necesidad más fundamental para muchos, reconstrucción y acceso a sus viviendas, tomará mucho más tiempo en solucionarse.

World Humanitarian Summit 2016

Blog: Promesas y sillas vacías: los resultados de la Cumbre Humanitaria Mundial

Los Gobiernos que han participado esta semana en la Cumbre Humanitaria Mundial tenían numerosos e importantes asuntos que abordar. Se obtuvieron importantes logros, pero también hubo muchas ausencias notables.

Mujer en Guatemala regando huerto afectado por la sequía

Blog: Lo que deberíamos saber sobre la crisis humanitaria en Centroamérica.

Es urgente que los Estados reconozcan formalmente a Centroamérica como una región vulnerable frente al Cambio Climático y los riesgos recurrentes que año tras año deja grandes pérdidas (…) Es hora de despojarnos de los intereses particulares y trabajar como región centroamericana para que las políticas de Gestión del Riesgo se incluyan y estén alineadas a la política de los Estados.

Pedernales, Ecuador

Blog: De Portoviejo a Pedernales, recorrido de incertidumbre

Cuatro historias que reflejan la dura realidad que enfrentan muchas familias después del terremoto de Ecuador.

Photo: Betty, in the back, and her children.The family fled to Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Uganda when fighting drew close to their house in South Sudan. Credit: Coco McCabe/Oxfam

Blog: Why women refugees must be involved in the decisions that affect their lives

With now more than 70 million people displaced globally, it is paramount that refugees ourselves participate in the decisions that affect us and in efforts to find solutions.

Photo: Airstrike destruction of civilian houses in Sana'a, Yemen. Credit: Bassam Al-Thulaya/Oxfam

Blog: Hope For Yemen as UK Arms to Saudi Arabia Ruled Unlawful

Calling for peace while selling weapons that allow Saudi Arabia to continue bombing Yemen is an utter hypocrisy that is having deadly consequences for the people of Yemen. This Appeal Court ruling is a victory for them.

Photo: The train station is also a transit camp for refugees trying to cross the border between Macedonia and Serbia. Credit: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Blog: On World Refugee Day, Like Every Day - We See People, Not Refugees

Refugees are people who have left everything behind - escaping from war, violence or persecution. But they are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children - who still have dreams and ambitions.

Photo: Lena, owner of Nan Restaurant, Lesbos, Greece. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: The Face of Kindness - Welcoming Refugees in Lesbos, Greece

People fleeing war and persecution still have dreams and ambitions, just like all of us. Latest UN figures show there are now over 70 million people forcibly displaced around the world. This World Refugee Day, we're highlighting how refugees are working to rebuild their lives, while also helping develop their host communities.

Blog: Families in Southern Africa urgently need more support after cyclones

And as always, it is the poorest people who suffer the most, with no safety nets to cushion the shock and start to rebuild. Will they be forgotten now? Without clear actions, poverty and inequality will increase.

Oxfam staff inform communities about the symptoms and precautions to take for Ebola, in Mangina, DRC. Photo: John Wessels/Oxfam

Blog: How to Build Community Trust to Fight Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The world’s second-biggest Ebola outbreak is still raging in DRC. Research has shown that distrust is one of the biggest obstacles in this Ebola fight. Oxfam’s Andrea Vera Nava outlines three ways to work with local communities to build their trust and increase the success of an Ebola response in a conflict context.


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