Chaîne de blog: GROW

It’s getting down the “nitty gritty” part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and there is definitely an increasing feeling of tension, excitement and nervousness in the air, as people sit in huddles revising texts, passing on what they have heard in corridors, and strategize on the go.

Chaîne de blog: GROW

Sahba Chauhan has been busy for the past two weeks liaising with partner organizations in developing countries that Oxfam works with. I caught up with Sahba, at the conference on its second last day, to find out more about what she and our partners have been doing here in Bali.

Karina - Why is it important to have organisations from Least Developed and Developing countries here at this conference?

Chaîne de blog: GROW

With just three days left to the conference closes, Oxfam blitzed delegates at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, with a special photographic exhibition and calendar called "It's up to UNow".

The photos, are messages from people in developing countries, who are already having to adapt and live with the impacts of climate change, as well as people from rich countries, who are taking personal action to reduce their contribution to climate change.


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