It’s my first time driving on the right side of the road, I’m in a city I don’t know at all, and I’m lost. The things we do when campaigning for health for all.

I’m in the picturesque city of Geneva at the World Health Assembly.

For the next week, Oxfam will be campaigning to make sure Ministers of Health, their policy staff, the media and the World Health Organisation remember that every day 2 billion people don’t have the medicines they need, 1400 women will die in childbirth and 4,000 children die of diarrhoea.

Some of the issues Oxfam works on aren't that simple. But as things go, access to cheap medicines is a fairly simple one - no one should have to make a choice between putting food on the table and getting treatment from illness.

Unfortunately, in the poorest countries, vital drugs are often priced out of reach - effectively making clinics and hospitals useless, as people can't afford to pay for medicines.

But people are fighting back, and winning.

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Today at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, Oxfam launched "South Voices", a video with testimonies from 63 people from developing countries who are already feeling the impacts of climate change.

The people featured in the video are already taking action to adapt to climate change, by making drastic changes to the way that they live their lives, but it is not enough, weather patterns are changing too fast. They need support from the rich countries that contributed most to climate change.

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Statements by Antonio Hill on the United Nations Climate Change Conference that has ended today in Bali, Indonesia.

"Bali has for the first time drawn up a roadmap for all countries to tackle climate change. But a handful of powerful countries have relegated the overwhelming scientific evidence to a footnote. The Bush Administration—dragging Canada, Japan and Russia in tow—has thrown away the compass and is trying to force us all to take the journey in a gas-guzzling 4x4, not the solar-powered speedster that the world urgently needs."

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Declaraciones de Antonio Hill, Asesor Principal de Políticas de Cambio Climático de la agencia internacional de desarrollo Oxfam, en la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático que culminó hoy en Bali, Indonesia.

“Bali ha preparado por primera vez una hoja de ruta para que todos los países enfrenten el cambio climático. Pero un puñado de países poderosos ha relegado aplastante evidencia científica a una mera nota de pié de página.

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Hoy se produjo la entrega de peticiones sobre el cambio climático más numerosa que existiera jamás, directamente en frente de la sede de la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático en Bali.

El Ministro de Medio Ambiente del Reino Unido, Hilary Benn, salió de la conferencia a encontrarse con representantes de 2,6 millones de personas de 193 países que tomaron acción sobre el cambio climático con, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Amigos de la Tierra,,, 1Sky, Stop Climate


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