#GROWWeek wrap up Day 5: Land stunts, celebs and dinner with friends

It’s getting towards the end of GROW Week -- 2 more days left! -- so I thought this daily wrap up should be the first of a series of wrap up, wrap ups.

From the UK we’ve got a couple of videos to show how people have been getting involved in GROW campaigning. Firstly, we’re thanking local campaigners for making the launch of the land campaign such a success.

Local celeb/DJ/Oxfam supporter Sarah Cox went on TV and generally got stuck in to help promote 'pop up' restaurants. They’ve proved a great way to get the food conversation started.

Throughout the week we’ve been bringing you all sorts of stories from across Asia, from Gangnam dancing to the ‘locavore’ demonstrations for World Food Day. I’d do a wrap up of the best, but the team there has done it for us.

In Canada, they’ve been land grabbing stuff and generally making some noise. They’ve also done a wrap up, in photo form.

And to wrap up this Friday blog, here is a nice story from Peru showing how food gets from the field to the plate.

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