A Taste of Home - recipes for the holidays

Through the preparation and sharing of food, we show each other that we care. No wonder then that we remember in such vivid detail the meals we have enjoyed with loved ones when we are forced to be apart.

As the festive season is upon us and we start thinking about meals with family and friends, we thought you might appreciate 'A Taste of Home' – a series of traditional dishes shared with Oxfam by those who have been forced to leave their homes and loved ones behind.

Recipe card - Adasi

The men and women who have written these recipes are asylum seekers who have experienced conflict or persecution in their home countries of Afghanistan, Syria, India, Iran and Pakistan. While their stories may be different, food plays an important role in their lives and the lives of their families.

Recipe card -Bolani

Oxfam works with refugees and migrants across Europe – in Greece, Italy, Spain and Serbia – providing, with the help of our partners, vital services such as legal aid, protection and advocacy.

Recipe card - Fasulye

Our belief is that food should be both nutritious and culturally appropriate so these recipes were collected as part of a study to evaluate the food provided to asylum seekers in Serbia, where we cook three healthy meals a day for all asylum seekers living in government-led reception centers.

Recipe card - Gajar

Feel free to share the recipes on social media – or if you’re feeling a bit more creative, try the dishes on your family and friends. Alternatively, share your own family recipes online – simplytag @Oxfam and use the hashtag #ATasteOfHome so that we can see what you made!

Recipe card - Kookoo

Recipe card - pilav

Top photo: Hassan 7, from Iraq, waits for his brother as they cross the border from Serbia to Croatia, October 2015. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

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