300 kids and an 8 foot long pencil….


by Emma Seery: Oxfam International For All campaign team


[digg=http://digg.com/world_news/300_kids_and_an_8_foot_long_pencil]I am here in Delhi working with the team putting the final touches to the For All event tomorrow. It’s a little bit like the calm before the storm – although to be honest, I am sitting in a storm of activity right now as my colleagues Raul and Michelle heroically arrange banners, nurses outfits and eight foot long pencils….

Tomorrow morning is when the real fun will start. We have 300 kids coming from all over Delhi to tell the media and decision-makers why they are campaigning for better health care and education for everyone. They are going to be joined by Oxfam’s For All ambassadors Afsana and Dr Archana who you will hopefully have met on the website already. We are also really lucky to have Oxfam’s global ambassador Rahul Bose coming to give his support tomorrow. Its going to be an amazing day.

They are all part of the Indian campaign, because they care about health and education here in India. But tomorrow they are coming together to tell the world that this is also a global problem. Everyone should be able to see a doctor when they are sick, and all kids should be able to go to school so that they can have the best future possible. This is the same reason that I do my job.

It has already been an amazing experience to see things coming together in the past few days, but I am really looking forward to meeting the people who are the real inspiration for our campaign tomorrow.

I am also wondering what mischief 300 kids can get up to with an eight foot long pencil. More on that tomorrow maybe….

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