Calendars and Big Names came to the conference

It’s getting down the “nitty gritty” part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and there is definitely an increasing feeling of tension, excitement and nervousness in the air, as people sit in huddles revising texts, passing on what they have heard in corridors, and strategize on the go.

In all this hub-bub, Oxfam is making sure that conference delegates don’t forget about poor women and men, across the world who are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, first and worst. Find out more on our earlier blog The Graph of Climate Injustice.

Today, Oxfam volunteers have been blitzing delegates with “It’s Up to U Now” calendars, which have powerful stories and images, from people dealing with climate change.

The calendars and the “It’s Up to U Now” photo event of the past two days, are our way of reminding delegates that it is more than facts and figures at stake here in Bali, and the decision they make will affect people’s livelihoods, lands and lives.

Other members of the team continued to work with other organizations and country delegates, to help ensure that the outcomes from Bali head in the right direction, to tackle climate change and it’s impact on the most vulnerable in developing countries.

Read our previous blog, The Bali Roadmap: Driving ahead or steering off course? for more information on what we think needs to happen as we get to the tail end of the conference.

Over the last few days, Heads of Governments, Ministers and the well-known, have arrived to speak at functions and side events and make decisions at the all important official plenary sessions.

One of the most popular events today was a side event hosted by Al Gore. It will be interesting to see the reactions to the event tomorrow, as during his presentation, Al Gore publicly named the United States as a blocker at the conference and called for full funding of adaptation financing, technology transfers and deforestation prevention planning.

You can watch it in full on the UN’s website (toward bottom of the page, on right-hand side).

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, and whatever the outcome, it will not signal the end of our campaigning on climate change. You can continue to Fight Climate Poverty by visiting our websites – all the links are in the navigation to your right - and taking action with Oxfam.

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