Keep the pressure up…

Today the Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer met with observer organisations to answers their questions. Anna Collins, negotiator tracker from the UK, asked for Mr de Boer's advice on the message she and the other trackers should send to the thousands that are following the Adopt a Negotiator project given that the clock is ticking and real progress needs to me made.

Mr de Boer advised that people work hard to build political pressure in every country. Write to your governments and members of parliament. Let them know you care, he said, the process could do with some urgency. As a thank you for the encouragement, Mr de Boer was handed an Adopt a Negotiator T-Shirt.

Talking about the role of the NGOs, Mr de Boer said that for governments there is almost no place to hide. Despite the fact that a lot still happens behind closed doors, this is encouraging. So let's take Mr de Boer's advice serious and keep the pressure up.

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