10 million voices demand a FAB Climate Deal

Yesterday, the voices of 10 million people from around the world, who have demanded a FAB deal on climate, were handed to the Head of the UN Climate Conference, Yvo de Boer and the Danish Climate Minister and President of this conference, Connie Hedegaard.  Look at more photos of the hand-in on our Flickr page.

The actions from partners of the TckTckTck climate campaign – 1.7 million from Oxfam supporters – were presented by Leah Wickham, 24, of Fiji, along with other represenatives of global youth movements on climate.

Fiji is just one of the many countries that is extremely vulnerable to changes in climate, and Leah delivered a passionate call for our world leaders, conference delegates in Copenhagen, to listen to the overwhelming global call for climate action.

And, it's a call that gets stronger each day, as more and more people, add their messages for a global Fair , Ambitious and legally Binding climate deal to be agreed at the end of the UN Climate Conference late next week.

Add your name to the push for a FAB deal,  take action and help stop catastrophic Climate Change.

Watch this video of the handover - made by TCKTCKTCK:



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