Spoiler warning: Worst corporate lobbyists in the EU revealed!

As we move towards the next big climate meeting in Cancun at the end of this month, activities are ramping up to influence the global talks. And it’s not only civil society organizations and active citizens wanting action on climate change that are lobbying hard to get a success story out of the meeting.

Behind the scenes lurk big powerful interests that have stakes in promoting weak climate legislation and undermining the UN process. There have been many examples over the last few months exposing how the fossil-fuel industry is accused of funding climate sceptics and right-wing ‘think-tanks.’

In the EU, attempts to move to a stronger climate legislation cutting more emissions, has also been undermined by strong interests. Who? Keep reading…

Oxfam is currently partnering with organizations like Friends of the Earth Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory, LobbyControl and Spinwatch to support the 2010 “Worst Lobby Awards“, a campaign aimed to expose the worst offenders on lobbying behind the scenes to undermine effective European action on climate change.  


Oxfam supports the climate category and three organizations have been nominated for the ‘Award’:

  • BusinessEurope: Nominated for aggressive lobbying to block effective climate action in the EU while claiming to support action to protect the climate.
  • ArcelorMittal: Largest steel producing company in the world, nominated for lobbying on CO2 cuts under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and profiting from free ETS emission permits.
  • RWE (npower): Nominated for claiming to be green while lobbying to keep its dirty coal- and oil-fired power plants open.

Your vote counts! Make sure you vote now to help us decide who’s the worst out of these three. The ‘winner’ will be announced during the Cancun meeting so stay tuned…

Want to know more? Read why these guys are nominated for the Worst Lobby Awards.

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