#GROWWeek: Lets talk land on World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, an important day of celebration and campaigning all over the world. To coincide with this, Oxfam and partners are taking part in GROW Week to highlight the issues.

From reading, editing and uploading the stories and scanning pictures winging their way into our blog it’s clear that my colleagues are having fun as they make some noise about food and land issues.

The country that has caught my eye today is Tanzania. They’ve had a bit of everything. We’ve had press conferences to promote a letter the President, Hon Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

There was also the launch of Lets talk land - where people in areas affected by large land deals can share and get information.

And my absolute favourite, a great piece of work on Female Food Heroes - where there is a Tanzanian reality TV programme, complete with voting for your favourites to win. You can watch a clip of the Female Food Heroes programme.

Some of my other highlights:

One of the highlights of GROW Week is the range of great photos that we get - full of colour and interesting stories. Check out the picture below, from the Ekta Prashad march in India. 100,000 people took part in a month long march, calling on the government to respect their land rights. The best bit, they won!

In Indonesia we’ve had a great attempt to add to the English language with the creation of the phrase "locavore". They staged a friendly protest at a key Jakarta roundabout to call on local people to buy local food.

In Cardiff Wales they visited the local market and asked people to vote for their Local Food Heroes. Seems that having fun with language is pretty endemic when it comes to food, as one local voted for the ‘Parsnipship’.

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