Angelique Kidjo with others at front of the People's Climate March in NYC

Blog: Over 675,000 of us made history by marching for change

All around the world the appetite for real action on climate change couldn’t be clearer, it’s on us all now to keep putting pressure on political and business leaders to act. 

Voluntary members of the Oxfam water and sanitation committee, South Sudan. Photo: John Ferguson/Oxfam

Blog: Oxfam 2020 - Why the International Secretariat must move south

Earlier this month - on Sunday evening, April 6 to be exact - Nigeria suddenly became Africa’s largest economy. Using new data, Nigeria recalculated its GDP and overnight its wealth shot up by 90% to $509 billion, in the process leap-frogging South Africa’s. At the stroke of a pen, a Nigerian’s average income went from $1500 to $2688 a year. Nigeria’s movie industry alone became worth more than $7 billion a year, its oil industry ten times that. What didn’t change was the fact that most of its 170 million people still live below the poverty line.

El cambio climático y el otro "abismo fiscal"

Blog: El cambio climático y el otro "abismo fiscal"

Si has seguido de cerca las elecciones en Estados Unidos a principios de este mes, probablemente hayas oído hablar de un inminente "abismo fiscal", un término acuñado para describir la necesidad de crear una nueva legislación para reactivar la economía estadounidense.

La lutte contre le changement climatique face à un autre « mur budgétaire »

Blog: La lutte contre le changement climatique face à un autre « mur budgétaire »

Si vous avez suivi les élections américaines au début du mois, vous aurez très certainement entendu parler de la menace du « mur budgétaire », qui signifie que les États-Unis doivent absolument voter une nouvelle loi pour remettre l’économie américaine sur les rails.

Climate change and the other 'fiscal cliff'

Blog: Climate change and the other 'fiscal cliff'

If you tuned into coverage of the US election earlier this month, you'll almost certainly have heard talk about an impending 'fiscal cliff' – a term that's been coined to describe the need to introduce new legislation to get the US economy on track.

Le changement climatique a des conséquences directes sur l'alimentation. Photo: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: L'accord sur le climat laisse les populations pauvres sur le carreau

Les négociateurs de la conférence de l'ONU sur le climat ont frôlé l'échec, ne parvenant à un accord sur le strict minimum qu'après avoir joué les prolongations.

Oxfam's stunt shows how the food we all rely on is at risk in the face of a changing climate. Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: Climate deal fails poor people

Negotiators at the UN climate talks have narrowly avoided a collapse, agreeing to the bare minimum deal possible as the UN climate talks in Durban went well beyond the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth hours.

Tweet a leader: let’s get some action going at COP17

Blog: Tweet a leader: let’s get some action going at COP17

The climate negotiations in Durban are stuttering. There is little progress on agreement on the emission reductions needed to keep warming below 2 degrees. There is also a rumbling debate about how to fill the Green Climate Fund.

Oxfam puppets: Mama Mhlaba (Zulu for Mother Earth) & Baba Manzi (Father Water). Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Blog: Thousands call for climate justice while countries prepare their blindfolds

Saturday 3 December was not a normal day for the population of Durban, South Africa. A climate march wound around the streets of the centre as somewhere between 10, 000 to 15,000 people called for – in fact demanded – action on climate change. They brought the city to a colourful, vibrant and peaceful standstill.

Blog: Hungry for climate action: climate conference begins in Durban

The United Nations have unpacked the bunting and draped the decorations around Durban, South Africa, for the next round of climate negotiations, COP17. Leaders, policy experts, delegates, caravanites, photo exhibitions, puppets, the world’s media and all manner of colorful characters have arrived to get their teeth into securing progress in the fight against climate change.


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