climate adaptation finance

Nur Lina pulls paddy rice seedlings ready for transplanting. Lho-nga village, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Credit: Jim Holmes/Oxfam

Blog: The G20, and how our governments are bankrolling the business of climate change

As the leaders of the G20 - the world’s most powerful economies - gather in Turkey this weekend, they’ll have the upcoming Paris climate talks on their minds. It is time for the G20 to stand in solidarity with vulnerable nations, stop paying the polluters, shift the subsidies, and support a new commitment for scaled-up adaptation finance in the new Paris agreement.

Joel and his partner May-May live in a house on stilts above the water in Rawis, Anibong Bay, Tacloban. In November 2013 their home was totally destroyed by typhoon Haiyan. Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam

Blog: The Third Financing for Development Conference: A summit halfway on the road to Paris

The Third Financing for Development Conference (FFD) conference in Addis Ababa is a crucial stop on the road to Paris. We must ensure that the world’s poorest countries, who are impacted most by climate change, do not continue to pay the price for a problem they have contributed least to.

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