Blog: ¡Atención! ¡Tiburones al acecho!

Al igual que en la última ronda de conversaciones de la ONU en Bonn, los delegados se sorprendieron al encontrar un 'prestamista' tratando de dar dinero a los países en desarrollo para salvar el clima.

Un grupo de activistas de Oxfam rodeados por un tiburón protestaron y mostraron su indignación ante los planes para ofrecer «préstamos de adaptación al clima" a los países pobres - en lugar de ofrecer ayudas reales sin contraprestaciones. 

Blog: Watch out! The loan sharks are about…

As the latest round of United Nations climate talks got underway in Bonn, Germany, yesterday, delegates were surprised to find a loan shark (as desperate and dodgy as you can imagine) trying to give climate finance loans to developing countries.

A group of Oxfam activists surrounded the shark with loud shouts of protest, as part of a stunt organized by Oxfam, to show outrage at plans to offer 'climate adaptation loans’ to poor countries -- instead of offering grants.

Climate activists at Cochabamba Bolivia World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. Photo:

Blog: Bolivia People's Conference on Climate Change: Another world is possible

Bert Maerten, Oxfam's Global Climate Change Campaign Lead, reports from last week's World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. The Conference sent a clear message: radical change is needed.

Blog: History will judge our leaders' actions at the UN Climate Conference

I am watching world leaders give their speeches from the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, with colleagues and bloggers from around the world, who over the past two weeks have been doing everything we can to ensure a fair, ambitious and binding deal gets made in Copenhagen.

Watching the statements of the leaders takes me back to last night, when the Oxfam Big Heads, stood in a line-up to remind their real life counterparts, that history will remember their actions today.

Blog: Oxfam UN Conference Verdict - Historic moment, historic gathering, historic COP out

The ‘climate deal’ on the table in Copenhagen today is a triumph of spin over substance says Oxfam International.  The deal – which has been announced by the US, India, China and South Africa - has not been endorsed by the EU and many other countries.

The deal provides no confidence that catastrophic climate change will be averted or that poor countries will be given the money they need to adapt as temperatures rise. Leaders have also put off agreeing a legally binding deal until the end of 2010.  

Nicolas Sarkozy showing a sign "History will judge me".

Blog: Being Nicolas Sarkozy

Very few people have the opportunity to be the President of the French Republic in their lifetime, but today I was lucky enough to take up the mantle, at least for half an hour and be Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sculpture de glace faite par Oxfam lors du Sommet de Copenhague. Crédit Rully Prayoga/Oxfam International

Blog: Ne pas se mentir à soi-même 

Pour une ONG comme Oxfam, qui se targue d’un accès direct et régulier aux décideurs et aux grands médias de ce monde, en être réduit à suivre le sommet par webcast depuis une auberge de jeunesse est pour le moins inhabituel.

Mis à la porte mercredi soir, on reste en contact permanent avec les rares collègues d’Oxfam ou du RAC encore sur place. Selon eux, ambiance un peu glauque et restrictions d’accès sont au menu sur place. Au final, les négociations continuent... Revenons en à ce qui importe vraiment.

Nous y voici! Quel est donc le scénario ?

Vigil at the Global Action Day (12 December, 2009). Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam International

Blog: The final push

Starting today, we have three major actions in Copenhagen: a vigil at 5pm Thursday, the Fossil of the Year at 1pm Friday followed by a spectacular leader-shaming action, and a candlelit aerial photo at 5pm Friday--all at the new space.

Blog: Global Day of Action on Climate, the world demands a Real Deal.

Today is December 12, 2009 and it will go down as a day, when ordinary people around the world all joined together to demand action on Climate Change.

Here in Copenhagen, an estimated 100,000 strong rally are walking towards the UN Climate Conference, from the centre of town. Photos and phone calls from the Oxfam contingent, report back with the news that while it is a peaceful march, the crowd are unswerving in their demands for a fair, ambitious and legally binding deal on climate, now.

Blog: Ask the Japanese Prime Minister to be a climate leader at Copenhagen

Watch Junichi and Shoya's message to Prime Minister Hatoyama, of Japan, and then send your own message to the Prime Minister, by asking him to show climate leadership at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, by sending him a message on his comment board.

Here is an example of what you may want to say to the Prime Minister.


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