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Amina holding her son at the clinic in Banki, Nigeria. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Blog: Man-made hunger stalks North East Nigeria

Let’s just get this over with: famine grabs you

Farming in Zimbabwe. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Drought stings Southern Africa: The region’s leadership must act now as millions face food crisis

Around 28 million people in Southern Africa now face alarming levels of hunger and food insecurity. The Southern African Development Committee's declaration of a regional emergency must be a clarion call for donors, national governments and the humanitarian community to act faster.

Fatuma Roble Maidane, of Fadeto IDP center, Ethiopia. Dec 2015 Photo: Abiy Getahun/Oxfam

Blog: Experts say inaction on climate change is top global risk for the next decade

For the first time, the flagship Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum has found that insufficient action on climate change is the greatest threat to societal stability the world faces.

Planting rice seeds, Kolda, Senegal. Photo: Holly Pickett

Blog: European Parliament finally scrutinizes flawed G8 “food security” initiative

The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition is now in its third year is a skewed development scheme. Co-financed by the European Union, it must be fundamentally revised or ended.

Climate change is causing hunger.

Blog: Collective voices critical to end hunger

As GROW Week came to a close, Dorah Ntunga from Oxfam in Uganda reflected on World Food Day as the pivotal moment for Africa’s Women.Food.Climate campaign.

A group of people raising their fists

Blog: Pakistan: Women farmers raise their voices on climate change

In many parts of Pakistan, climate change has threatened the livelihoods of millions of people in recent years. Rural farming communities are the most vulnerable. Women from climate change hit areas have finally decided that they will no more remain silent and would come out and raise their voices for their rights.

Paddy rice seedlings ready for transplanting, Indonesia. Photo: Jim Holmes/Oxfam

Blog: The road to zero hunger runs through Paris

When world leaders meet at the UN this week they will endorse a momentous goal to end extreme poverty and hunger by 2030. For a world grappling with crises, tragedies and injustice, it is a rare vision of hope. Can we make it a reality?

Rapeseed is often used to make biofuels. © Copyright Adam Ward used under CC

Blog: A win for food security: EU caps biofuels from food

Yesterday EU agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels formally approved legislation limiting the use of food-based biofuels in the EU.

Oxfam water point, Malakal camp, South Sudan. Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Blog: South Sudan: Sky-rocketing inflation, conflict and collapsed markets

Sky-rocketing inflation, conflict and collapsed markets are pushing people in South Sudan to breaking point as the political deadlock enters its 17th month and families face a second 'lean season' since fighting began. Here's a quick recap of Oxfam's delivery of humanitarian aid.

Anastacia Antonia, Farmer, Mozambique. 22 years old. Photo: Mario Macilau/Oxfam

Blog: Will businesses ‘Walk the Walk’ and “Talk the Walk” on the Road to Paris?

Business leaders meeting at the Business & Climate Summit in Paris this week have the power to show they will listen to those who are least to blame yet most affected by climate change. Will they take action for food security and for supporting small farmers?


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