G20 Turkey 2015

Blog: Report from the G20 in Turkey: Will action follow promises?

The 2015 G20 leaders' summit made welcome progress in tackling the refugee crisis and taken some tentative steps towards the widening gap between rich and poor. However, the G20 has done little to build momentum toward an ambitious climate deal.

Nur Lina pulls paddy rice seedlings ready for transplanting. Lho-nga village, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Credit: Jim Holmes/Oxfam

Blog: The G20, and how our governments are bankrolling the business of climate change

As the leaders of the G20 - the world’s most powerful economies - gather in Turkey this weekend, they’ll have the upcoming Paris climate talks on their minds. It is time for the G20 to stand in solidarity with vulnerable nations, stop paying the polluters, shift the subsidies, and support a new commitment for scaled-up adaptation finance in the new Paris agreement.

In Ghana, more aid is needed to pay for free care and to expand health services to meet increasing demand. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Panos

Blog: Unfair international taxation undermines economic, political and social development progress

Oxfam’s report showing how developing countries have been marginalised in the process of reforming the rules for taxing multinational enterprises has been well received – unsurprisingly, perhaps, since the evidence of political marginalisation and of lost revenues is fairly clear.

Photo: Tomàs Abella/Oxfam

Blog: Developing countries must be at the heart of Global Tax Reform

After the world was plunged into a financial crisis, back in 2009, G20 leaders promised to clean up the international tax system, once and for all.

Un mouvement international contre les inégalités est en marche

Blog: Un mouvement international contre les inégalités est en marche

La nécessité d’agir contre l’aggravation des inégalités économiques, si préjudiciables, fait de plus en plus consensus. Dans son rapport présentant les perspectives pour 2014, le Forum économique mondial a classé l’accentuation des disparités de revenus au second rang des risques auxquels le monde devra faire face au cours des 12 à 18 prochains mois. Barack Obama en a fait une priorité pour l’Administration américaine en 2014.

Hacia un movimiento internacional para hacer frente a la desigualdad

Blog: Hacia un movimiento internacional para hacer frente a la desigualdad

El consenso internacional sobre la necesidad de tomar medidas contra la creciente y perniciosa  desigualdad es cada vez mayor:

Toward an international movement to tackle inequality

Blog: Toward an international movement to tackle inequality

International agreement on the need to take action against rising and damaging economic inequality is gathering pace.

Sommet du G20 à Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie (5 et 6 septembre 2013)

Blog: What is Oxfam calling for at the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia

Listen: Tax dodging & Syria – why the G20 matters

Oxfam's Emma Seery reports from St Petersburg:

listen to ‘#Tax dodging & #Syria: Emma Seery reports on why the G20 matters ’ on Audioboo


Cumbre del G20 en San Petersburgo, Rusia, el 5 y 6 de septiembre

Blog: ¿Qué es el G20?

El G20 –o Grupo de los 20– comenzó como un grupo formado por los ministros de Finanzas y los gobernadores de los bancos centrales de las 20 principales economías (más exactamente, de 19 países y la Unión Europea) que se reunían de forma anual para tratar las principales cuestiones que afectaban a la economía mundial. 

Blog: G20 must rewrite global rules on corporate tax

While disagreements over Syria are likely to dominate the annual G20 Summit in St Petersburg this week, leaders are at least in agreement about one key issue on the table: the need to rewrite global corporate tax rules.


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