Sierra Leone: Alieu Conteh (60 ans) élève sa petite-fille Latifa depuis le décès de sa mère après sa naissance. "J'ai élevé mes 6 enfants, maintenant Latifa est la septième. Les enfants apportent joie et bonheur à un foyer". Crédit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Blog: Chers membres du G8, voici comment lutter contre la mortalité maternelle

Commençons par une bonne nouvelle : le Canada, qui accueille le prochain G8 fin juin, propose de s’attaquer en priorité à la mortalité maternelle. Chaque jour dans le monde, un millier de femmes meurent en couches ou juste après l’accouchement. L’Afrique sub-saharienne affiche des risques de mortalité maternelle inacceptables.

Oxfam en campagne pour la taxe Robin des bois à Madrid. Credit: Ivan M. García/Oxfam

Blog: Faisons payer la finance: Journées d’action mondiale pour la taxe “Robin des bois”

“Faisons payer la finance”: voici le message que les militants de nombreux pays ont voulu faire passer à leur gouvernement la semaine dernière. Pendant Les Journées d’Action Mondiale, des activités et des événements ont eu lieu dans sept pays répartis sur trois continents.

Oxfam campaigners support the Robin Hood Tax at the meeting of the EU's Economic & Financial Affairs Council in Madrid, 16 April. Credit: Ivan M. García/Oxfam

Blog: Make Finance Pay: Global Days of Action for the Robin Hood Tax

‘Make Finance Pay’ was the message that campaigners around the world sent to their governments last week. The Global Days of Action saw activities and events in seven countries across three continents. Campaigners in the United States, Canada, France, Australia, England, Scotland and Germany came together to demand a Robin Hood Tax – a tiny tax on financial transactions that would raise up to $400 billion to tackle climate change and alleviate poverty.

Blog: 40 years of broken promises… 40 days to make our voices heard!

I was born in 1970; the year the Beatles announced they were breaking up, the year after man landed on the moon for the first time. In the same year rich countries promised to give 0.7% of their national income as foreign aid to support poor countries in providing vital services, such as health and education, to their people.

Robin Hood en su lucha contra los banqueros en Madrid, el 16 de abril de 2010. Autor: Ivan M. García/Oxfam

Blog: Robin Hood desafía a los banqueros en Madrid

El pasado viernes, Robin Hood se escapó del frondoso bosque inglés de Sherwood  y se dirigió a Madrid, donde los ministros de Economía y Hacienda de la Unión Europea se dieron cita para la reunión informal del ECOFIN.

Robin Hood taking on the bankers in Madrid on 16 April 2010. Credit: Ivan M. García/Oxfam

Blog: Robin Hood takes on the bankers in Madrid

On Friday, Robin Hood escaped the leafy green shades of Sherwood Forest and headed for Madrid, where EU Finance Ministers had gathered for an informal Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) meeting.

Donning a hat, mask and the obligatory pair of tights, I joined him to send a message to the Ministers; that Europe must back a Robin Hood Tax (or Financial Transactions Tax) that could raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change both in Europe and abroad.

Oxfam G20 stunt: World Leaders at G20 Summit Must Tackle Global Poverty: Every Minute the Economic Crisis Forces 100 More People into Poverty. Credit: Christopher Rolinson

Blog: Goodbye G8, hello G20

In contrast to the significant steps taken at April’s G20 in London to help the poorest countries, there was virtually nothing new on the table for them in Pittsburgh at the G20 two weeks ago.

G20 Big Head in Pittsburgh. Credit: Oxfam America

Blog: The G20 Voice in Pittsburgh - a city of tumbleweeds

After the success of the Global Wake Up Call at UN Climate Week, our bloggers have moved on to Pittsburgh for the G20. Alison Woodhead reports

From the windows of the center where they’ve put the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in downtown Pittsburg, quite literally a stone’s throw from the convention center where the leaders of the 20 most industrialized countries are meeting (G20), it looks like a lazy Sunday.

Blog: A new kind of politics?

Living in the UK it's hard to miss all the buzz around the G20 meeting in London today. Indeed, Oxfam is at the G20 event in full force, to do everything we can to push world leaders to tackle climate change and keep their repeated promises on debt and aid.


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