Photo: Lena, owner of Nan Restaurant, Lesbos, Greece. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: The Face of Kindness - Welcoming Refugees in Lesbos, Greece

People fleeing war and persecution still have dreams and ambitions, just like all of us. Latest UN figures show there are now over 70 million people forcibly displaced around the world. This World Refugee Day, we're highlighting how refugees are working to rebuild their lives, while also helping develop their host communities.

EU 'hotspots' holding refugees and migrants are violating people’s fundamental rights. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: "We just want a life" - Protecting the rights of refugees in Greece

Meryem* is 13, legally a child, but she has exp

Museum Without A Home

Blog: Museum Without a Home, but with a Hope!

This entry posted by Martha Roussou, Advoca

Samia hasn’t seen her son now for two years and her daughter for 6 months. Credit: Felipe Jacome/Oxfam

Blog: Dear Family: Refugees in Greece write to their loved ones

Forced migration separates families - wrenching children from their parents and grandparents, separating siblings, and forcing partners to live apart. This World Refugee Day we share the letters of love written by some of these people stranded in Greece.

Storytelling helps migrants adjust to a new life in Greece. Photo: ARSIS/Oxfam

Blog: Helping migrants adjust to a new life in Greece

The story of a “stone soup” helps child

Cash assistance allows people to rebuild their lives. Photo: Angelos Sioulas

Blog: Three ways cash is king for asylum seekers in Greece

Providing cash grants to asylum seekers living in the Epirus region of north-west Greece is a key way to help them rebuild their lives - as well as the local economy.

Women feel safe and are happy to cooperate with the community engagement team in Greece. Photo: Angelos Sioulas/Oxfam

Blog: Helping women migrants regain their sense of dignity

In response to freezing winter conditions in Greece, Oxfam and our partners have moved hundreds of people from inadequate sites to safe and dignified accommodation.

Temporary accommodation site for migrants, in Epirus. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Female migrants need a safe and peaceful space

A women and girls safe space is an approach which is starting to gain traction in humanitarian responses across the world. It recognizes the unique needs and challenges of women and girls by creating a safe environment free from harm, prejudice and judgement, the absence of which is a radical change in many women’s lives.

Oxfam/ECHO distribute smartphones to refugees and migrants, in Epirus, Greece. Credit: Oxfam/ECHO

Blog: How a smartphone connects people stranded in Greece to safety, information and family

How I realized that smartphones are not a luxury item for refugees and migrants – they are essential.

Greek protest against austerity, 2011.

Blog: Why Greece rejected the austerity that increased poverty and inequality

Greece’s rejection of austerity policies may raise eyebrows across Europe, but it should not come as a surprise. Civil society has been warning about the possibility of a continental ‘lost decade’ for several years, with Oxfam predicting that damaging austerity policies could force up to 25 million Europeans into poverty by 2025.

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