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Du 14 au 18 octobre, c’est la semaine CULTIVONS !

Blog: Du 14 au 18 octobre, c’est la semaine CULTIVONS !

A travers le monde, dans plus de 15 pays, des milliers de personnes participent cette semaine à des événements célébrant la nourriture sous tous ses aspects, aussi bien en termes de plaisir que de pouvoir.

Climate change is causing hunger.

Blog: Collective voices critical to end hunger

As GROW Week came to a close, Dorah Ntunga from Oxfam in Uganda reflected on World Food Day as the pivotal moment for Africa’s Women.Food.Climate campaign.

A group of people raising their fists

Blog: Pakistan: Women farmers raise their voices on climate change

In many parts of Pakistan, climate change has threatened the livelihoods of millions of people in recent years. Rural farming communities are the most vulnerable. Women from climate change hit areas have finally decided that they will no more remain silent and would come out and raise their voices for their rights.

Climate change is causing hunger.

Blog: Raising rural women’s voices on the Road to Paris

This week thousands of people around the world are standing shoulder to shoulder with rural women, who are not only feeling the harshest effects of climate change but, in the face of woeful government inaction, are also leading the fight in feeding their communities, and the world.

A young woman with a water buffalo in a rice field. Text overlay: "Could you make it as a farmer?"

Blog: Families are leading the way to feed people and fight climate change

While climate change is making hunger worse, we can work together to fix it: Thousands of people are taking action this week. And: Could you make it as a farmer? Take our quiz to find out!

Promoting a sustainable food system in Nigeria

Blog: Promoting a sustainable food system in Nigeria

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Maputo Declaration, where African heads of state pledged to dedicate a minimum of 10% of their national budget towards agriculture. However, they have not kept our promise in Nigeria: less than 3% of the current budget is allocated to agriculture, even though agriculture accounts for about 40% of GDP.

GROW Week 2013 is here! 14-18 October

Blog: GROW Week 2013 is here! 14-18 October

Today, just ahead of World Food Day on Wednesday, Oxfam launched GROW Week. Around the world, in over 15 countries, thousands of people are participating in events to celebrate the joy and power of food.

Every day we’ll be showing you what supporters and campaigners are doing around the world – an international celebration of food with daily blogs, photo roundups, and loads of ways to get involved and take action.

GROW campaigners in Australia leave treats around cities

Blog: GROW Week 2012: A vibrant, colorful wrap up!

Last week was GROW Week and over forty countries took part with a range of activities and actions. It’s been loud, vibrant, colourful and fun. It's a great way to engage people in the GROW campaign as we continue to make noise about the food system and land grabs.

People in Indonesia demonstrating for World Food Day. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: #GROWWeek wrap up Day 5: Land stunts, celebs and dinner with friends

It’s getting towards the end of GROW Week -- 2 more days left! -- so I thought this daily wrap up should be the first of a series of wrap up, wrap ups.

From the UK we’ve got a couple of videos to show how people have been getting involved in GROW campaigning. Firstly, we’re thanking local campaigners for making the launch of the land campaign such a success.

Oxfam Belgium spreading the GROW messge. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: #GROWWeek Day 5: The seed of a campaign in Belgium

During GROW Week Belgium has not been lagging behind. For such a small country, we know how to make ourselves heard!


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