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Blog: Haiti cholera outbreak: "This disease can’t beat us"

In central Haiti, the Artibonite province is awash in water. As we drive through the cholera-stricken region on Sunday, day three of our emergency cholera response, I see water everywhere – rice paddies, irrigation canals, small rivers, cesspools and puddles.

‘The water came very fast. We could only save our children, ourselves and some clothes…"

Blog: Pakistan floods: Why soap is among the first items Oxfam distributes

As the devastating floods sweep through Pakistan people have little time to save themselves and their children, never mind household items or the basics for daily life.

A small boat.

Blog: Fishing without sea in Gaza

Palestinian fishermen in Gaza need access to the sea, not imports of fish from Israel, reports Oxfam’s Catherine Weibel.

The extent of flooding in Pakistan on 12 August 2010 by administrative area; overlaid on a map of Europe.

Blog: World Humanitarian Day: A time to help Pakistan

World Humanitarian Day (August 19) may not be highlighted on your calendar – but it's an opportunity to take action to help those in need, and to honor the people delivering humanitarian aid on the frontlines.

Health and hygine kits distribution

Blog: Layyah, Pakistan: Oxfam responds to the worst ever floods

Oxfam’s Tariq Malik reports from his visit to a camp for displaced people in the Layyah district in Pakistan's Punjab province.

The Layyah district is among the worst hit in Punjab. Some 364 villages are completely destroyed, displacing 300,000 individuals, according to an assessment by the Doaba Foundation, an Oxfam partner providing relief to the affected communities in the district.

The district government here has established 22 relief camps for displaced people.

Amid heavy rainfall Oxfam aid workers distributed soap, mugs, drinking water, sanitary towels and shelter kits.

Blog: Pakistan floods: The long, hard road to Swat Valley

Oxfam’s Rebecca Wynn was heading towards the flooded areas of Swat Valley from Islamabad on Sat, 7th of August. She could not reach Swat Valley as heavy rainfall created a mudslide which blocked the road to Swat. Here she writes about her journey to Swat…

Guerline Dimanche serves up bean puree, rice and vegetables for the community canteen distribution. 56 canteens have been established serving over 4,000 meals a day in Carrefour Feuilles. Credit: Peleg/Oxfam

Blog: Aid workers in Haiti trying to find the right balance by "going local"

Whom do you choose? How much is too much? When do you change gears? Those are just some of the questions swirling through the minds of aid workers as they scramble to help Haitians recover from the devastation of the quake.

Some earthquake survivors lost everything. Some had nothing to lose. Almost all lost loved ones and their peace of mind.

Some were living on the streets when the earth jolted, so technically they haven't lost their homes. Others still have their homes but they've lost the confidence to sleep in them.

Oxfam engineers and WASH teams are installing latrines, showers and water bladders on the Corail resettlement site near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Credit: Julie Schindall/Oxfam

Blog: Haiti aid response: Ask your questions now!

More than 3 months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, aid organizations are making progress. Oxfam is now helping hundreds of thousands of Haitians to get back on their feet by providing jobs, shelter, food and drinking water. But so much remains to be done.

In the days following the January 12th events, your support was crucial to help us get started with the relief effort. Today, more than a 100 days after, we know that many have raised concerns and questions about how we operate.

Blog: Helen Hawkings: Diary from Haiti, part 2

Saturday 16th January

Today we were back at the golf course, previously an exclusive area for the rich of Port au Prince, it is now home to an estimated 10 – 15,000 people during the day and 50,000 at night. Our mission for the day is to start distributing water.

A man exits a restaurant after looking for his belongings in Port-au-Prince, after the earthquake, January 12. Credit: Marco Dormino/ The United Nations

Blog: Crossing the border towards Haiti

After spending all day posting and tweeting the latest Haiti earthquake images and updates, I was about to shut down my computer... when I received this blog from Juan Ramón Duarte, our Regional Information Systems Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, who is based in Mexico. So I leave you for the weekend with his moving entry:


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