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Croetia with her little girl, Burcao, Somaliland. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: A high price for peace in Somalia

In Burcao, Somaliland, we visited two camps where internally displaced people had fled the civil war in the south. They had escaped the daily shelling in search of peace and a place to rebuild their lives. Having lost much along the way, they arrived to find that though their daily survival here is no longer mired in war, it is equally precarious.

Residents braving the biggest disaster to hit the Philippines this year. Credit: Danny Victoriano

Blog: The humanitarian hammer weighs heavy in Asia-Pacific

“Clean water is urgently needed." says Inel Rosnelli. As she queues up with a line for clean water at a neighbours well in quake hit Padang on the island of Sumatra. "The only other alternative is to get water from leaking pipes. Houses have been destroyed and people need tents and tarpaulin, as they don’t have any shelter.”

Gaza needs an immediate and permanent ceasefire

Blog: Gaza needs an immediate and permanent ceasefire

Plans change. I had been thinking that my first post of the year was going to be about wishing that you all had a wonderful holiday, and thanking you for your support of Oxfam over the past year. But the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza has pre-empted that plan.

As fighting between the Israeli army and Hamas militias has intensified over the last two weeks, the impact on civilians has been terrible, with innocent women, men and children being killed and injured.


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