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Oxfam volunteers hold a banner reading "Caution: Ingredients may cause land grabs" outside of PepsiCo headquarters

Blog: PepsiCo takes a stand for land rights

Big news for those who care about the rights of rural and indigenous people around the world: After more than 272,000 people signed petitions and took action with Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign, PepsiCo, the world’s second-largest food and beverage company, committed to take steps to stop land grabs in its supply chain.

Taking stock of GROW, Oxfam's food campaign

Blog: Taking stock of GROW, Oxfam's food campaign

On 1 June 2011, Oxfam launched the GROW campaign to tackle the injustice of 900 million people going to bed hungry every night. The campaign now works in more than 50 countries around the world and at the international level.

Just 2 more days to show you #StandforLand!

Blog: Just 2 more days to show you #StandforLand!

UPDATE: Deadline extended and new prizes announced! Win signed books by world renowned photographer Rankin! Just 2 more days to Stand for Land!

People in over 55 countries have taken a Stand for Land rights – join in!

Guarani-kaiowá women demonstrate at Panambi-Lagoa Rica Indigenous Land, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Photo: Tatiana Cardeal/Oxfam

Blog: Brazil: Sugar rush destroys indigenous communities’ way of life

Today, Blog Action Day coincides with World Food Day. Bloggers around the world are highlighting the issue of human rights. At Oxfam, we believe everyone has the right to life and security, and to a sustainable livelihood. People around the world rely on land, literally, for their bread and butter.

Photo of Edilza Duarte, 24, with daughter Stephanie Duarte and son Jason Duarte.

Blog: Coke, Pepsi and ABF: make sure your sugar doesn’t lead to land grabs

Too often, the sugar in your favorite food and drinks is sourced by kicking farmers and their families off their land. This leaves people homeless and hungry.

But you can change this. Tell Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods (ABF) to make sure their sugar doesn’t lead to land grabs.

Cargill and the Colombian Government: Of land and inequality

Blog: Cargill and the Colombian Government: Of land and inequality

When two very unequal guys are fighting, an old Colombian saying tells us that we have a fight between “a free tiger and a tied donkey.”

Photo: Four people crossing Abbey Road, London – Beatles style –, and hold up "SOLD" signs.

Blog: 4 ways we spoke out together on land grabs – and 4 brilliant results

What is a land grab? Land grabs are huge purchases of land by banks, private investors, governments or corporations which result in the often violent eviction of local people from their homes and the loss of the livelihoods and small farms which feed their families.

More: Land grabs FAQ

So how did Oxfam activists and supporters speak out on land grabbing?

Foto: Cuatro personas cruzandoAbbey Road, en Londres – estilo Beatles –, y llevando señales de "VENDIDO".

Blog: Acaparamientos de tierras: cuatro formas de alzar la voz y cuatro excelentes resultados

¿Qué son los acaparamientos de tierras? Son grandes transacciones de tierras realizadas por los bancos, inversores privados, gobiernos o empresas que, con frecuencia, implican el desalojo violento de la población local de sus hogares y la pérdida de los medios de vida y pequeñas explotaciones con los que alimentaban a sus familias. Más: Acaparamientos de tierras

Photo of a woman harvesting rice

Blog: Return on Investment: What have we gained from the New Alliance?

At its inception, Oxfam was critical of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa. Eric Muñoz of Oxfam America has been on a fact-finding mission to New Alliance countries and explains below that serious concerns remain.

Calentando motores para la cumbre del G8

Blog: Calentando motores para la cumbre del G8

Hay suficientes alimentos en el mundo para alimentar a todo el planeta. Entonces, ¿por qué una de cada ocho personas sigue yéndose a la cama con hambre? Este mes, ocho personas se reunirán en Irlanda del Norte y podrán empezar a responder a esta pregunta.


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