Blog: A tank in the streets of central London! We need an Arms Trade Treaty now

Last week Oxfam and Amnesty, as part of the Control Arms Coalition, drove a tank around central London, startling passers-by and even getting stopped by the police for a documentation check. While the vehicle was admittedly unorthodox, it was the perfect way to deliver its message – that the world needs a strong, uncompromising treaty to regulate the global weapons trade.

El G20 ha comenzado y los líderes se reúnen en una "comida de trabajo". Foto: Victoria Marzilli/Oxfam

Blog: El G20 comienza en Los Cabos con los líderes mundiales comiendo en el paraíso

La Cumbre del G20 ha comenzado oficialmente en el soleado municipio de Los Cabos, México. Los turistas que normalmente llenan San José del Cabo, una de las dos principales ciudades del municipio, han sido sustituidos por las cámaras de televisión, los periodistas y los promotores del desarrollo aglomerados en torno al asunto del día: la crisis del Euro. Pero Oxfam y otras importantes organizaciones hacemos campaña para que los líderes del G20 piensen más allá de la Unión Europea.

G20 Summit begins, and world leaders gather for a "working lunch" overlooking Los Cabos. (Photo Credit: Victoria Marzilli)

Blog: G20 Summit begins in Los Cabos and leaders lunch in paradise

The G20 Summit is officially underway in sunny Los Cabos, Mexico. The usual tourists in San Jose del Cabo (one of the two towns of Los Cabos) have been replaced by camera crews, journalists, and development junkies all abuzz with the issue of the day: the euro crisis. But what Oxfam and other major organizations are campaigning for is for G20 leaders to think much broader than the European Union.

Oxfam photo stunt at G20 Mexico 2012. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: G20 leaders hold the key to a sustainable & secure future

As this year's G20 Summit nears (three days to go), Oxfam activists gathered today at the Revolution Monument – a hub for civil society demonstrations in Mexico City - to keep pressure on world leaders. Today’s stunt underlined Oxfam’s call for action on hunger and poverty with a bold display, showing that G20 leaders hold the key to a sustainable, equitable, and food-secure future.

Oxfam stunt in Busan, South Korea. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Busan Forum: Aid promises come tumbling down

This blog has been written by Sanda van Damm (Oxfam Novib) and Jennifer Martin (Oxfam Great Britain), campaigners at the Fourth High Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan.

It is early in the morning on 29 November in the seaside city Busan, South Korea, when a large colorful tower of building blocks arises on Busan Exhibition & Convention Cente (BEXCO) square.

Oxfam campaigners at the Committee on World Food Security meeting in Rome on 11 October

Blog: Running the obstacle course of food security…it’s no fun for small-holder farmers!

This morning I looked out of the window with fear… our stunt at the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) was planned for today and heavy rain was forecasted. Luckily it held off!

I quickly reached the site of the stunt with my loyal motorbike loaded like a mule. The team set the scene, inflated the giant world and the farmers get dressed. Journalists and photographers slowly arrived… the paparazzi love stunts here in Italy!

Blog: History will judge our leaders' actions at the UN Climate Conference

I am watching world leaders give their speeches from the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, with colleagues and bloggers from around the world, who over the past two weeks have been doing everything we can to ensure a fair, ambitious and binding deal gets made in Copenhagen.

Watching the statements of the leaders takes me back to last night, when the Oxfam Big Heads, stood in a line-up to remind their real life counterparts, that history will remember their actions today.

Blog: Poor people can’t bear it – Oxfam’s Polar Bears reject the US Climate offer

Oxfam’s Polar bears came back for a second visit to the Untied Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia today, as they could not believe that on the final day of the summit, there was still no clear agreement on a way forward to tackle climate change. You can watch a video of what they got up to on our YouTube Channel.

Blog: 2.6 million people can’t be wrong – Climate Change petitions delivered to UK Minister

The biggest ever hand-in of climate change petitions has happened today, directly in-front of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. Watch a video of the handin on our YouTube channel

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