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Oxfam tax havens campaign stunt outside the European Union, 2016. Photo: Tineke D'haese/Oxfam

Blog: Historic vote in European Parliament for a Europe free from tax havens

Last week, the European Parliament

Oxfam campaigns against tax havens. Photo: Tineke D'haese/Oxfam

Blog: How to end the inequality crisis? More tax justice

While the rich are getting richer, governments’ reforms all around the world have brought cuts in corporate income, wealth and property taxes and cuts in public services. The EU is not exempt from this trend, but can have a positive role – if it implements reforms.

Bermuda - tax haven

Blog: The world’s worst tax havens are in a state of denial

Collecting tax is one of the key means by which governments are able to address poverty. Yet big business is dodging tax on an industrial scale, depriving governments across the globe of the money they need to invest in healthcare, education and job creation. You can change this.

Barbara Chinyeu (36), a widow in Zambia. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Blog: Tax Justice is a Human Rights Issue

Oxfam and Tax Justice Network are today launching an essay competition on tax justice and human rights. The competition invites practitioners and students from around the world to explore ways in which governments of developing countries and/or civil society in any country can use existing laws to protect human rights in the face of tax injustice.

Emelina Dominguez tending to her vegetables. Honduras, 14 January 07. Photo: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

Blog: Fighting inequality in Latin America: The road ahead

Latin America is proof that the global trend of rising economic inequality can be reversed, if the political will exists. Despite historically being the most unequal region in the world, it is the only region that has managed to reduce inequality during the past decade.

3 ways tax justice can help close the inequality gap

Blog: 3 ways tax justice can help close the inequality gap

It was US President Benjamin Franklin who said, in 1789, "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." Oh how times have changed – at least for a minority. While in the past 200 years, the economic elite have not yet found a way to cheat death, they have been masterful at dodging paying their fair dues in tax.

Verdict on the G8 Summit, 2013

Blog: Verdict on the G8 Summit, 2013

I sat in Enniskillen Golf Club on Tuesday afternoon, having just delivered our final, golf-themed stunt with the Big Heads, and watched the news coverage of the G8 Summit drawing to a close.

G8 leaders land in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit

Blog: Cuenta atrás para la Cumbre del G8

Estoy haciendo las maletas para irme rumbo a Enniskillen, Irlanda del Norte, con motivo de la Cumbre del G8. 

Les membres du G8 atterrissent en Irlande du Nord pour le sommet du G8

Blog: Compte à rebours final avant le sommet du G8

Aujourd’hui, je fais mes bagages et pars pour Enniskillen en Irlande du Nord où se tiendra le prochain sommet du G8.

G8 leaders land in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit

Blog: Final countdown to the G8 Summit

Written by Adam Musgrave, Oxfam's Senior Global Campaigner.

Today, I’m packing my bags and heading off to Enniskillen in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit.


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