History made as UN adopts world's first Arms Trade Treaty!

Blog: History made as UN adopts world's first Arms Trade Treaty!

After over 10 years of campaigning for this treaty, lobbying governments again and again, and the campaigning actions from supporters all over the world we finally have the world’s first Arms Trade Treaty!

Blog: Live blog: Closing hours of Doha climate summit

Read the latest from behind the scenes with Oxfam's team as UN climate talks draw to a close in Doha, Qatar. (Time stamps are Arabia Standard Time - AST).

David Grimason mourns his 2 year old son Alistair who was killed in crossfire from an illegal weapon. Photo: Andrew Kelly

Blog: Fighting for an Arms Trade Treaty at the UN General Assembly

I'm in New York, helping co-ordinate our plans with Control Arms Coalition colleagues, on the eve of the UN General Assembly First Committee (which deals with disarmament). Two months have passed since the end of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference, where world governments came so close to agreeing a treaty that would regulate the global arms trade, and it is time to renew pressure to push for the work to be completed.

One person dies every minute from armed violence. Act now for a bullet-proof arms trade treaty.

Blog: What does a gun mean to you?

Ahead of the history-making decision on the Arms Trade Treaty less than two weeks from now -- starting July 2 in New York at the United Nations -- the Control Arms Coalition set up a series of exclusive interviews with four high-profile personalities.

The interviewees provide personal views on why the future Arms Trade Treaty is a game changer and can make a real difference in the world's most dangerous conflict-zones.

In this short clip, they answer the simple question: "What does a gun mean to you?"

Graphic: It's easier to trade in guns than bananas.

Blog: Control Arms: sign up to support a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty

Every year, millions of people worldwide are killed, injured, raped and repressed because of a poorly regulated arms trade that fuels human rights abuses, conflict and poverty.

It’s time to act. It’s an appalling joke that bananas are more tightly regulated than guns. That’s why we are demanding that governments agree to a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that protects everyone.

Alexander Harang

Blog: Alexander Harang, activist: "The ultimate goal for an Arms Trade Treaty is to spare lives"

Before attending the Prep Comm on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) the Control Arms coalition met to have a campaigners conference. This meeting brought together 75 activists from around the world all campaigning for a “bulletproof” ATT. It was a chance for us to solidify our messages and to plan our tactics for the final campaign push between now and the main Diplomatic Conference in July.

A young girl stands amid the freshly made graves of 70 children, at Dadaab refugee camp. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Blog: A Charter to End Extreme Hunger: the time is now

With 13 million people affected by the drought across East Africa and with the UN suggesting that 750,000 people could be at risk of death in Somalia in the next few months, it’s easy to end up fatalistic about the issues.

Headstones: 1 person is killed every minute by arms. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Global Arms Trade Treaty picks up speed

Momentum builds up as key states, survivors, investors' group, and industry give full backing for global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

Diplomats at the United Nations' talks on the future Arms Trade Treaty made serious progress last week with a growing number of key countries bringing their support to the process.

Children in Southern Sudan. Photo: Alun McDonald/Oxfam

Blog: Strong peacekeeping mission needed in South Sudan: let's tweet

The UN Security Council is expected shortly to authorize a new peacekeeping mission in South Sudan to succeed the current United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS). The UN Secretary-General has recommended increasing the number of troops from the current 5,000 to 7,000. However, some member states have urged lower troop levels, citing cost concerns.

An old man walks on a long dirt track through a savanna landscape.

Blog: Sudan: What’s next for Abyei?

As humanitarian organizations and the UN strive to meet the immediate needs of displaced people, Oxfam is calling on the UN Security Council to ensure that the new peacekeeping mission in Sudan makes protecting civilians from violence its top priority.


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