Blog: What is land grabbing and why should we care?

Imagine that a single company buys up, in one fell swoop, the entire surface area of Hampshire, or Luxembourg, or half of Tuscany, Maryland or Schleswig Holstein. Imagine that before it starts farming (rapeseed, probably), it cuts down all the forestland, without checking first what they think, evicts all the farmers and other inhabitants in the area.

Lo más probable es que la próxima Conferencia en Cancún sirva para resolver 'tecnicismos' claves.

Blog: Que el clima nos excuse

El pasado sábado terminó la ronda de negociaciones sobre cambio climático que Naciones Unidas ha celebrado en Tianjin, China.

Blog: Comment redresser deux torts…

Dans les couloirs des négociations internationales sur les changements climatiques, il est facile d’oublier la nécessité d’actions urgentes et ambitieuses. Pourtant, cette année, tout autour du globe, des populations ont connu l’enfer. 

Blog: Righting two wrongs…

In the corridors of the international negotiations on climate change you can easily lose the sense of urgency and ambitious action. For many people around the world, this has been a year from sheer hell.

International media at UN Climate talks, Tianjin, China. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Global climate talks start in Tianjin, China

Hi, I’m Thomas, Media Officer for Oxfam Hong Kong. I am at the UN Climate Change Conference in Tianjin this week to cover the next stage of the international climate negotiations. I will be working with international media outlets on behalf of Oxfam, telling them what Oxfam is advocating in terms of Climate Change. Oxfam's message is very simple: Climate Changes Kills.

Blog: Obama's speech at the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit: Awesome

Today US President Obama laid down the gauntlet for all rich companies whose tax avoidance means less money for the poorest countries. He called for tougher rules all round, and now he must take this message to the G20 later this year to make it a global priority.

President Obama knocked it out of the park in his address to the UN MDG Summit this afternoon. We asked for a “barn burner of a speech,” and boy did we get one.

The Speech

Some excerpts:

Beans. El Copante, Copan, Honduras. January 2007. Credit: Gilvan Barreto / Oxfam

Blog: Escaping the hunger trap: How we can reach Millennium Development Goal 1

The UN Food and Agriculture Committee announced today that the number of hungry people has dropped for the first time in 15 years. This is undoubtedly good news for the 98 million people who have escaped the hunger trap. But look a little closer and you will find that there isn’t a great deal to celebrate.   

Climate activists at Cochabamba Bolivia World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. Photo: flickr.com/photos/cityprojectca

Blog: Bolivia People's Conference on Climate Change: Another world is possible

Bert Maerten, Oxfam's Global Climate Change Campaign Lead, reports from last week's World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. The Conference sent a clear message: radical change is needed.

It is estimated that 40% of India’s poor pay for hospitalisation expenses by taking loans or selling assets. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: The cost of a life: the ultimate dilemma

Imagine the ultimate dilemma: if you cannot pay for health care, it costs you your life; and if you do pay, it still costs you your life because it pushes you into poverty and indebtedness. This is the decision faced by poor people when they are forced to pay for health services. This implies that the right to health is only a right if you can afford to pay for it. 

Flag and 'no guns' logo on one of the Oxfam vehicles in Kitgum town, Uganda. Credit: Geoff Sayer/Oxfam

Blog: An Arms Trade Treaty is necessary and possible

They will tell us, again and again, that it cannot be done. That the proliferation of conventional weapons cannot be controlled through a global negotiated effort. That we have to live with automatic guns and other weapons of mass misery traveling from conflict to conflict, without effective controls, with a trail of death and destruction among defenceless civilians.


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