Summit Media Centre in L'Aquila

Blog: Really, they can’t afford another bad G8 summit. …For their own sake!

So here we are at the G8 International Media Centre at l’Aquila, Italy. I cannot believe it’s already been 364 days after all the hype of the last G8 was over in Japan.

Grace from Kenya - one of the speakers at the tcktcktck climate hearing in Bonn

Blog: People matter

The usually sleepy climate negotiations were given a wake up alarm call today by a wailing siren outside the conference centre. It was an NGO stunt involving two trucks and two very loud air raid sirens, each enclosed in a locked cage. To turn the sirens off, the police had to cut their way through each metal cage to reach the machinery and arrest the protesters.

Blog: Commitment needed

On their way to the plenary delegates at the UN climate talks here in Bonn, pass by a ragged bear holding up a sign: 'No coins, it's change I need.' It is a silent protest. If we would hold a minutes silence for each of the death caused by climate change, we would not be uttering a word for the next 180 days and even longer.

Turning the Tide - Climate Change Photo Competition

Blog: Turning the tide photo exhibition - call for entries

At Oxfam, we campaign on climate change because it hits poor people first and worst.

Yet most of us, in our day-to-day lives, still don't have a clear sense of how global warming really affects the lives, rights and livelihoods of millions of people around the world. If we are going to get people to wake up to the need for urgent action, then bridging this gap is critical.So how do we "humanize" climate change?

Blog: Our climate talks 'cheat sheet'

Despite being responsible for a tiny fraction of historic carbon emissions, it is poor countries that are feeling the effects of climate change. Countries like Peru, where the glaciers communities depend on for agriculture, industry and electricity are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Blog: Human rights and climate wrongs

Sixty years ago today, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This Declaration has helped us combat torture, discrimination and hunger. And now, this venerable document should guide us in the fight against one of the greatest challenges ever to face humankind: climate change.

Blog: Nos toiles parleront pour nous

« Même si les voix de nos communautés ne se font pas entendre directement, nos toiles parleront pour nous », déclare Chris Dala à Malaita, dans les Îles Salomon.

Les changements climatiques frappent les pauvres en premier, et plus gravement. C’est ce que montre l’exposition d’Oxfam, « Canvas for Change » – des tableaux pour faire changer les choses – qui vient d’ouvrir aujourd’hui à Poznan en Pologne, dans le cadre des négociations du le climat des Nations Unies.

Blog: Wallpaper in Doha?

I’m huddled in a corner of the swank Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Qatar.  Around me, workers are carrying massive rows of theater chairs, and rolls of wallpaper.

Why am I here at the most famous hotel in Doha, in this tiny and extremely wealthy Gulf country? (Obviously not where I hang out on an average day)  And what on earth are they doing to this place?

Blog: Class of 2015 – promising but must keep concentration!

It's been a whirlwind of activity in New York.  To give you an idea of the crazy week we have had out here, this is a snapshot of what I’ve seen and done…

8.30 in a taxi with bollywood movie star Rahul Bose talking about the progress on education and health in India.  Followed swiftly by briefing with Kristen Davis making the comparison of the 700 billion dollar bank bail out all over the media this week, and the mere 50 billion the G8 promised to poverty eradication and have still not delivered on.

Blog: In the big apple with the big cheeses

I am in good company here in New York – more than 80 national leaders have flown in to participate in a special UN meeting on poverty reduction taking place tomorrow.

Why are they here?

Millennium Development Goals. And because with just 7 years to go, things are seriously off track.  So leaders are here to demonstrate they are serious about ending poverty, and to put some much needed steam back into meeting these commitments.

Why are we here? 


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