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Women's Community Discussion Class, Seraghari Village, Nepal. Photo: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Blog: How to end the male monopoly on peace: More seats at the table for women

The continuing reality that men enjoy an almost exclusive role in peace processes defies both logic and evidence. This year's Open Debate on Peace and Security at the UN must make headway to change this.

Jose Mourinho: the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger. Photo: Ronnie Macdonald (Creative Commons licence http://ow.ly/ygbBv)

Blog: The golden goal of a lifetime: 5 step plan for Jose Mourinho to help beat hunger

Jose Mourinho has the opportunity to score the golden goal of a lifetime! Is he ready to take his game through a 5 step plan to beat the keeper and score against hunger?

Jose Mourinho’s new role is probably the most meaningful of his life time. As the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger he has an opportunity to score against climate change - the single biggest threat to beating hunger.

Femme et enfants réfugiés syriens sous une tente, camp de Zaatari, Syrie. Photo: Anastasia Taylor-Lind/Oxfam

Blog: Appel des Nations unies pour la Syrie : les gouvernements doivent financer l'aide humanitaire maintenant !

« Nous n’avons pas d’eau. L’électricité est régulièrement coupée. Des rats et des souris courent partout. Il y a un total manque d’hygiène. C’est impossible de garder quoi que ce soit propre. Le toit fuit... Nous n’avons jamais vécu comme ça en Syrie. Nous n’aurions jamais imaginé devoir un jour vivre dans de telles conditions. » Yasmin*, 33 ans, mère de quatre enfants

Woman and children, refugees from Syria, sitting in a tent in Zaatari camp, Jordan. Photo: Anastasia Taylor-Lind/Oxfam

Blog: UN Syria appeal: Governments must fund the aid effort now!

“We don’t have water. We don’t have electricity on a regular basis. There are lots of rats and mice running around. Nothing is hygienic. It’s impossible to keep everything clean. The roof leaks... we never lived like this in Syira. We never thought we would ever have to live like this.”Yasmin*, 33, mother of four

The fight against poverty and inequality – we are all in this together

Blog: The fight against poverty and inequality – we are all in this together

In 2000, the world set the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as a global framework to halve extreme poverty by 2015 and has been working since then to achieve them.

There have been some significant achievements, such as Nepal's success in reducing the infant mortality rate by one third in five years.

Family leaving Alep after bombing, in Syria. Photo: Pablo Tosco

Blog: Syria: the world must unite

There are promises and promises, but we get nothing, Fatima, a refugee from Syria, told one of my colleagues in Lebanon last week. Her counterparts in Jordan where I was visiting tell a very similar story. They call for more aid for those who have fled Syria of course – but also for something to be done for the millions left behind in their country’s vicious conflict.

History made as UN adopts world's first Arms Trade Treaty!

Blog: History made as UN adopts world's first Arms Trade Treaty!

After over 10 years of campaigning for this treaty, lobbying governments again and again, and the campaigning actions from supporters all over the world we finally have the world’s first Arms Trade Treaty!

Cada año, 5,4 millones de personas resultan heridas por armas de fuego.

Blog: ¡Armas bajo Control sacude a la ONU en el primer día de las negociaciones del TCA!

Hemos vuelto... ¡y esta vez va en serio! Otro mes, otra reunión de la ONU, otra ronda de negociaciones sobre el Tratado Internacional de Comercio de Armas... Pero esta vez algunas cosas son diferentes. 

Deadly detour: every year, a million guns go missing. Enough to supply every terrorist organization with 20.000 weapons.

Blog: Control Arms has rocked the UN on the first day of the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations!

We're back... and this time it's serious! Another month, another UN meeting, another round of Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations. But this time some things are different.

Join our Twitter action: UN human rights monitors in #MaliNow

Blog: Join our Twitter action: UN human rights monitors in #MaliNow

International leaders are meeting in Brussels tomorrow to discuss the Mali crisis and organize support. Ask them to send UN human rights monitors to Mali now:


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