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Cecilia and Gatkuoth work on a borehole repair in Buong camp, South Sudan. Credit: Tim Bierley/Oxfam

Blog: Making a difference in South Sudan: Ensuring those in need are not forgotten

Oxfam emergency team leader Cecilia shares her experiences delivering humanitarian aid on the front line in South Sudan. "If we don’t make sacrifices, who will?"

Nyawal is a community heath volunteer, South Sudan. Photo: Tim Bierley/Oxfam

Blog: In South Sudan, Oxfam races the rains to save lives

In the middle of war, even the simple solutions to staying healthy can feel impossible. In South Sudan, Oxfam is bringing education and resources to communities to help save lives - every day.

Therese, an Oxfam Public Health Promoter cleaning latrines in Kalunga IDP camp, DRC. Credit: Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi/Oxfam

Blog: Fighting to keep disease at bay in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conflict has forced Therese and hundreds of thousands more people to flee their homes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Oxfam is providing clean water, sanitation, public health training – including to Therese, who is now working daily to help others stay healthy.

Gatkuoth, a plumber working in South Sudan. Photo: Tim Bierley/Oxfam

Blog: The people's humanitarians of South Sudan: Saving lives on the front line

Working with local humanitarians in South Sudan, we're saving lives by helping provide clean water and public health promotion.

Ahmed Ali and son. Photo: Abs, Hajjah – Ahmed Al-Fadeel/Oxfam

Blog: Yemen: The struggle to reach aid in the world's worst cholera outbreak

Yemen’s cholera outbreak is now the world’s worst on record, killing more than 2,100 people since 27 April, with more than 862,000.suspected cases. Oxfam Public Health Promoter, Eva Niederberger, reports back on how challenging it is to reach cholera-affected people in Yemen.

Water tank built by Oxfam in Al-Jalilah village, in Al-Dhale governorate. Photo: Omar Algunaid/Oxfam, March 2017

Blog: Yemen: The story of a war-affected people, strong in the face of adversity

A moving first-hand account of the effects of the terrible conflict Yemen has been suffering for the past few years, but a call to remain hopeful, however, that peace will arise after the war’s darkness.

Jean Robert looks around, still unable to believe his eyes. ‘I never saw anything like it, the speed of it. Truly terrible.’

Blog: The deadly trail of Hurricane Matthew

As we visit the families living in the most affected areas in Haiti, the destruction left by hurricane Matthew is more evident, as well as the urgent humanitarian needs of those affected. Destroyed schools and homes reduced to rubble have left thousands of families with absolutely nothing. You can help.

Camp for internally displaced people, Juba, South Sudan. Photo: Keiran Doherty/Oxfam

Blog: Refugee crisis: what’s the European fuss about?

Every night on TV, people see images of a heavily divided Europe, unable to cope with the arrival of more than 500,000 refugees and other migrants equivalent to less than 0.1% of the European Union’s population of over 500 million people.

Stella (left) and Chantal wait for their turn to get a voucher. Efate, Eton Village, Vanuatu. Credit: Groovy Banana/OxfamAUS

Blog: Embracing the spirit of Vanuatu, 3 months after Cyclone Pam

Three months after Cyclone Pam struck on March 13, 2015, Oxfam's Country Director in Vanuatu recounts the amazing spirit of the people there, and how Oxfam has provided life-saving emergency aid to more than 21,000 people in more than 50 communities on three islands.

New arrivals at Tundikhel camp for internally displaced people, Kathmandu. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

Blog: Oxfam training community health volunteers after Nepal Earthquake

Providing water and sanitation, and public health promotion to help communities stay safe, are key parts of Oxfam's Nepal Earthquake response. Here Genevive Estacaan explains how Oxfam is training community health volunteers in Tundikhel camp, Kathmandu.


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