World Food Day

Celebra el Día Mundial de la Alimentación exigiendo más acción contra el hambre

Blog: Celebra el Día Mundial de la Alimentación exigiendo más acción contra el hambre

Hoy es el Día Internacional de la Alimentación. Para Oxfam, hoy es el día para denunciar que 1 de cada 8 personas en el mundo se acuesta con hambre cada noche, más que la suma de toda la población de Estados Unidos, la Unión Europea y Canadá.

#GROWWeek Day 2: Celebrate World Food Day

Blog: #GROWWeek Day 2: Celebrate World Food Day

Today is World Food Day (WFD) and for Oxfam this is a day to mark the fact that one in eight of us still go to bed hungry every night. That is more than the population of the US, EU and Canada combined.

Blog: Semaine #CULTIVONS du 15 au 21 octobre

L'édition 2012 de la semaine CULTIVONS s’annonce plus riche que jamais ! Des milliers de personnes dans plus de quarante pays célébrent cette semaine le rôle primordial que jouent non seulement la nourriture mais aussi les terres où nos aliments sont cultivés.

La semaine CULTIVONS, ouverte lundi 15 octobre, la veille de la Journée mondiale de l’alimentation, rassemble agriculteurs, blogueurs, consommateurs, cuisiniers et militants, au cours de sept jours placés sous le signe de la fête et de l’inspiration.

Blog: #GROWWeek 2012, October 15-21

GROW Week is back for 2012 and it’s bigger than ever before! Thousands of people in over 40 countries are celebrating not just the power of food, but also the land where it’s grown.

GROW Week 2012 kicked off on Monday 15th October, just before World Food Day, for a week of celebration and inspiration, bringing together farmers, bloggers, consumers, cooks and campaigners.

Blog: #GROW Week is here! 15-22 October

Around the world, in over 40 countries, thousands of people are participating in events to celebrate the joy and power of food.

On Saturday 15th October, just ahead of World Food Day on the 16th, Oxfam launched GROW Week. Every day we’ll be showing you what’s going on around the world – an international celebration of food with daily blogs, photo roundups, competitions and loads of ways to get involved and take action.

Blog: What is land grabbing and why should we care?

Imagine that a single company buys up, in one fell swoop, the entire surface area of Hampshire, or Luxembourg, or half of Tuscany, Maryland or Schleswig Holstein. Imagine that before it starts farming (rapeseed, probably), it cuts down all the forestland, without checking first what they think, evicts all the farmers and other inhabitants in the area.


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