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Mr. Kumambala

Blog: My friend died last week - Tax could have saved his life

On a global scale, tax dodging is depriving poor countries of hundreds of millions and often billions of dollars each year, as individuals and corporations are allowed to hide their money away and avoid paying tax. On a personal level, it has devastating effects.

Activistas en favor de la Tasa Robin Hood en Malawi. Foto: Robin Hood Tax Campaign

Blog: Tasa Robin Hood: Último obstáculo hacia la meta superado

La semana pasada llegaron estupendas noticias de Bruselas, donde los ministros de Finanzas europeos acordaron permitir que once países de la UE introdujeran un impuesto sobre las operaciones financieras. Un importante salto paso  hacia adelante para la campaña a favor del Tasa Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Tax campaigners in Malawi show their support. Photo: Robin Hood Tax Campaign

Blog: Over the last hurdle and into the home straight for the Robin Hood Tax

Great news arrived from Brussels on Tuesday as European Finance Ministers agreed to allow eleven EU countries to introduce a Financial Transaction tax (FTT). This is a giant leap for the Robin Hood Tax campaign.

Women from the AWID forum march in Taksim Square. Photo: Oxfam/Jameen Kaur

Blog: Globalisation of Resistance: Taking to the Streets - ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ ('Women, Life, Freedom')

Jameen wraps up our 2012 AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights in Development coverage with this inspiring entry!

The word "courage" comes from the Latin word ‘cuer’ meaning heart. Courage translates to possessing the confidence "to lay bare your vulnerability and speak from the heart."

Journalist Hurriyet - Turkey's leading national newspaper interviewing Ester and Mandiwe. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Belief is everything: ‘I have always believed I could be a leader.’

"Before I entered the Female Food Hero competition I had never been outside Tanzania, however I have always believed I could be a leader. I believe I have leadership qualities," explains Mandiwe in an interview conducted by a journalist writing for the Hurriyet newspaper, one of Turkey’s leading national newspapers.

Marlina Majid (29) - PHE leader takes a photo with her digital camera. Credit: Jim Holmes/Oxfam

Blog: Your creativity needed: Oxfam’s new photo competition!

When you campaign about aid, you’re always looking for new ways to tell the story. We know that in recent years, thanks to aid money, the Rwandan government eliminated user fees for primary and lower secondary school education; in Sierra Leone the government was able to remove user fees for mother’s and babies and now millions more people are alive thanks to anti-retroviral drugs. These are great achievements but we still need to find ways to show the public that aid money changes lives around the world.

Actor and Oxfam Global Ambassador Bill Nighy leads the G8 out of the woods, toward a Robin Hood Tax.

Blog: Verdict: Robin Hood down, but not out, at G20 Summit

After the G8 disgracefully dropped the ball on aid at what has been dubbed the ‘Summit of shame’, the G20 today missed their chance to score against poverty by failing to move towards a Robin Hood Tax on banks.

Oxfam's Big Heads send a message to world governments at United Nations climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany. Banners alongside the match read "Don't foul the planet. Invest in the future!" Credit: Oxfam

Blog: $1 billion?! Toronto is ready for the G8/G20 Summits

I’ve arrived here in Toronto, Canada to lead Oxfam’s campaigning work for the upcoming G8/G20 Summits on 25-27th June. We have lots planned so make sure you stay tuned!

The G8 meet first, in what is dubbed ‘the Muskoka Summit’ for about a day. Then the G20 will meet in downtown Toronto for another day and a half. The G8 has a broad agenda of issues they will cover such as maternal health, security, terrorism etc. The G20 will focus on finance and global economic recovery.

Blog: Why I will keep fighting for free health care

I know that having children is a natural, wonderful thing for a woman, but walking into small space where there are 100 pregnant women is still enough to put me a little out of my comfort zone!

Pregnant women handing in messages to the Prime Minister outside Number 10 Downing Street. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Your money or your life!

Don’t panic! This is not an online robbery, although it is something Robin Hood would approve of, here is news of a potentially very exciting opportunity for people who are too poor to pay for health care…

In less than a week world leaders will meet in New York at a high-level event on health as part of the United Nations General Assembly. They are expected to extend free health services in at least seven countries: Burundi, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal and Sierra Leone. The plan to make this possible was put together by Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister.


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