Already a billion of us go to bed hungry every night. Not because there isn't enough, but because of the deep injustice in the way the system works.


Communities affected by the floods in Assam, India. Photo: Oxfam India

Blog: What to watch for at the UN’s climate change conference, COP23 in Bonn

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Campaign win: Voith-Hydro quits Agua Zarca dam project

Blog: The power of people against injustice in Honduras

Following months of public pressure, Voith-Hydro is the latest company to quit the controversial Agua Zarca dam project in Honduras. So how did Oxfam supporters help make this happen?

Voith Hydro abandona el controvertido proyecto de la represa de Agua Zarca

Blog: El poder de las personas contra la injusticia en Honduras

Tras meses de presión pública, Voith Hydro es la última empresa que abandona el controvertido proyecto de la represa de Agua Zarca en Honduras. ¿Cómo han contribuido los activistas a que esto suceda?

Un niño navega por el rio Pastaza, en la amazonia peruana. Foto:Oxfam

Blog: Los negocios no pueden pisotear los derechos de las comunidades indígenas

En el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas exigimos al Presidente del Perú, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, que respete los derechos de las comunidades indígenas, antes de negociar nuevos contratos petroleros en el "Lote192".

Child travelling along the Pastaza River in Loreto, Peru. Photo: Percy Ramirez

Blog: Indigenous rights must come before profits

Deep in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, indigenous communities have lived off their lands for generations. But for over 45 years, they have been devastated by the consequences of oil exploitation on their lands. Tell the Peruvian government that this indifference has gone on long enough.

Colombia woman farmer. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: Colombia's challenge: addressing land inequality and consolidating peace

Colombia has the most unequal distribution of land in Latin America, yet equitable access to land is a decisive factor for consolidating peace in Colombia.

Palm oil seeds.

Blog: The toxic legacy of palm oil in Guatemala

Ensuring sustainability in Guatemala's palm oil sector requires meaningful social and ecological reform.

Farming in Bolivia. Photo: Oxfam

Blog: Land and inequality in Latin America: a harsh reality unearthed

Land inequality in Latin America is worse today than in decades, with women being particularly marginalized. The future of sustainable and inclusive development of much of the continent depends on redressing this.

COP22 in Morocco, Nov 2016

Blog: COP22 : cinq points-clés à retenir

À la suite de l’élection américaine et face à des pays riches qui ont continué à ignorer le besoin de nouveaux financements pour soutenir les populations les plus vulnérables au changement climatique, les pays en développement ont lancé un retentissant appel à l’action lors de la 22e Conférence internationale sur le climat (COP22).

COP22 in Morocco, Nov 2016

Blog: 5 key takeaways from COP22

COP22 was a defiant call to action from developing countries in the wake of the US election result, while rich countries continued to neglect the need for new funds to support those most vulnerable to climate change.


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