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Uranium mining in Niger: Shining a light on a case of injustice
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If you ask a French citizen where their electricity comes from, many would proudly say from ‘green power’, meaning nuclear power. France has one of the largest nuclear power complexes in the world, supplying powerhouse economies like Germany as well as many Eastern European countries.

But France doesn’t have much uranium for nuclear generation. For more than 50 years this simply hasn’t been a problem. Since it struck an agreement with the poor, landlocked country of Niger in 1967, France has been getting a pretty good deal.

Inequality townhall in India: Ideas on creating equal opportunities
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Recently, government representatives and civil society participants from across the globe came together in New York for the exciting ‘Social Good Summit #2030NOW’ to discuss how technology can improve lives for all of us and find new ways and solutions to end poverty. Reducing poverty is as much a challenge as bridging the growing divide between the rich and the poor.

A cautionary tale: Europe's bitter crisis of austerity and inequality
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By Winnie Byanyima and Sharan Burrow

Because of austerity, Europeans may have to live through the type of disastrous period experienced by Latin Americans, Asians and Africans in the 1980s and 1990s.

Europe's aggressive plans to balance the books by slashing public spending are proving to be a disaster. By ignoring mistakes from history, Europe risks repeating them. The most vulnerable people in Europe are facing an ‘austerity winter' that could last a generation.


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