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Turning the Tide - Climate Change Photo Competition
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At Oxfam, we campaign on climate change because it hits poor people first and worst.

Yet most of us, in our day-to-day lives, still don't have a clear sense of how global warming really affects the lives, rights and livelihoods of millions of people around the world. If we are going to get people to wake up to the need for urgent action, then bridging this gap is critical.So how do we "humanize" climate change?

A severe drought, together with food prices rising daily, has left millions in Ethiopia in need of emergency food assistance. Cr
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Some people still ask how climate change and poverty fit together. The people in Ethiopia could tell you. While Ethiopia’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions may be relatively small, the people of Ethiopia are facing the challenge of having to adapt to the effects of climate change – such as erratic rainfall, increased temperature, and recurring droughts.

Beauty Ara, change maker in the WE CAN Campaign, addresses the issue of women's rights by explaining the equal position of male
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Bangladesh crossed a significant milestone in its history recently when a new cabinet was sworn in with five female ministers, the highest number in its history. But these pales in comparison with another important fact – for the first time all the important ministries are going to be led by women; Foreign, Home, Agriculture, Labor and Manpower and the Prime minister herself controlling Defence, Energy and Mineral and Power. This is a record even in the developed countries let alone in the developing world.


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