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Yesterday, I had an interesting career change for a day: I was a corn on the cob in Oxfam’s biofuels performance.

As all the camera’s pointed at me, it felt like being a star, but it was a little scary at the same time. Everyone else was safely guarded from the cameras by their ‘big heads’, while I was out in the open. It was also quite tiring, because I had to squat down all the time.

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por Patrick Klerks, activista online, Oxfam Novib -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoy es el último día antes del comienzo de la cumbre del G8 y me enfrento nuevamente a la sabiduría popular: “Cuando realices una actuación en público, no uses niños, animales ni globos”.

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I arrived in Tokyo a few days ago, having flown in from Los Angeles where I had been operating in jack boots and a nazi uniform. So it was a bit of a relief to get into a lounge suit.

I’ve been to Tokyo once before, when filming Pirates of the Carribean, acting as “Davy Jones” or “The Squid” as I’m known in Japan. On this occasion I was warmly welcomed by Oxfam representatives and felt very pleased to be here to draw attention to the important meeting ahead.

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por Stuart McWilliam, Coordinador de Campañas, Oxfam Japón --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoy me encuentro en Sapporo, Japón, adonde puedo ver helicópteros sobrevolando el área.

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Today is the last day before the G8 summit begins and I am once again faced with the eternal wisdom: “When you’re doing a public performance, do not use animals, children or balloons”.

At first it seemed like a good idea to have a thousand balloons on the square in front of the Sapporo Convention Center, representing one million wishes sent from people around the world asking for an end to poverty, as part of the Japanese tanabata festival. As we soon found out: concrete and balloons don’t mix.


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