Oxfam beneficiaries from Dadeldhura district, Western Nepal show off their produce. Photo: Jisu Mok/ Oxfam

Blog: Fit for the future? The rocky road to a new set of development goals

The post-2015 millennium development goals must focus on sustainability, equity and reaching the poorest of the poor, Lysa John and Stephen Hale say in this joint blog.

Oxfam beneficiaries from Dadeldhura district, Western Nepal show off their produce. Photo: Jisu Mok/ Oxfam

Blog: ¿Preparados para el futuro? El arduo camino hacia unos nuevos objetivos de desarrollo

Lysa John y Stephen Hale afirman en su blog que los objetivos de desarrollo del milenio posteriores al 2015 deben estar centrados en la sostenibilidad, la equidad y en llegar a las personas más pobres de entre las más pobres.

A solar power system installed in the village of Tangaye, Burkina Faso. Photo: NASA

Blog: Sustainable development goals: Earth scientists respond to the doughnut

Some initial thoughts on yesterday’s post on doughnut economics from

Blog: Can we live inside the doughnut? Why the world needs planetary and social boundaries

This blog summaries a new Discussion Paper published by Oxfam. It does not represent Oxfam policy, but is intended to encourage public debate in the run-up to the UN conference on sustainable devolpment (Rio+20) in June.

When crossing unknown territory, a compass can be pretty handy. Achieving sustainable development for nine billion people has to be high on the list of humanity’s great uncharted journeys. So here’s an idea for a global-scale compass to point us in the right direction (Fig 1).

Bernard Kouchner, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaks in favor of a Financial Transaction Tax. Credit: Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development

Blog: Old school promotion of innovative development financing

UN delegates who had the chance to participate in the side-event on innovative financing at the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals on 21 September will remember this weird and magical moment for quite a long time.

The UN’s HiFi system had broken down and panelists promoted several innovative mechanisms to finance development in an old school kind of way, crying just like vendors in a crowded marketplace.

Blog: Obama's speech at the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit: Awesome

Today US President Obama laid down the gauntlet for all rich companies whose tax avoidance means less money for the poorest countries. He called for tougher rules all round, and now he must take this message to the G20 later this year to make it a global priority.

President Obama knocked it out of the park in his address to the UN MDG Summit this afternoon. We asked for a “barn burner of a speech,” and boy did we get one.

The Speech

Some excerpts:

Irungu Houghton speaking to activists and citizens in New York City

Blog: MDGs: Will world leaders stand up, or hit the snooze button?

Day 1 at the United Nations Special Summit on the Millennium Development Goals aptly found me on the streets of New York City speaking to activists and citizens. A powerful coalition of organizations under the joint banner of the Global Call to Action against Poverty had organized a public rally on the steps of the Lincoln Center.

Blog: Les dirigeants du G8 réunis à Toronto m’ont hautement déçu

Je suis arrivé au G8 après un long détour. Un jour plus tôt, j’étais à Dandora, un site toxique près de Nairobi où les petites filles, dont certaines n’ont même pas cinq ans, vivent sur un monticule composé de déchets humains et toxiques. Elles survivent en se disputant, avec les cochons sauvages, les débris d’ordures, forcées de vendre leurs corps pour avoir accès aux lieux de cueillette les plus riches.

Oxfam staff and volunteers march peacefully in the People First! Rally in Toronto on June 26, 2010. Credit: Oxfam

Blog: People First! 10,000 activists march for social justice

In a powerful display of civil society solidarity yesterday, ten thousand people took to the streets of Toronto to call on G20 leaders to end poverty, tackle global warming and create a global economy that's fair for all of us.

Maid Merkel and Prince Sarkozy make a commitment to the Robin Hood Tax on a sunny morning in Toronto. Credit: Kelvin Abong

Blog: A wedding for the masses

The Oxfam team pulled off the final stunt of the G8/G20 Summits today without a hitch. In the heart of downtown Toronto, merry men and women from across the land gathered to witness a historical union – the wedding of Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Sarkozy of France.


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