Blog: G8 leaders meeting in Toronto managed to live down to my worst expectations

I arrived at the G8 by a roundabout route. Just a day earlier, I was standing in Dandora, a toxic tip on the edge of Nairobi where little girls as young as five-years-old live on a mound composed of toxic and human waste. They survive by competing with wild pigs for scraps of rubbish, forced to sell their bodies to get access to the richest pickings.

Blog: Smoke and Mirrors Won’t Save Lives

As Oxfam team gets ready to leave our new friendly home in Huntsville, and with the G8 leaders are rolling into town, we just got the word that an announcement on funding for maternal mortality has been made (strange since they haven’t even started meetings yet…). What seems like a positive message on the surface in fact could spell disaster for millions of poor people.

Oxfam activists pose as G8 leaders near the Summit in Huntsville.  Photo : Allan Lissner/Oxfam

Blog: Are the G8 leaders lost?

The Oxfam team had an early start today as we left the Highwayman Inn in Orillia, Ontario and travelled to Huntsville in the wee hours of the morning to set up our second Big Head stunt for the G8 Summits. Although we were right on track, it seemed as though The Big heads had lost their way. 

They had reached a crossroad and were facing a tough decision: Will they exhibit leadership and mark this G8 Summit as a turning point in the fight against poverty, or will they just be lost tourists, stumbling around in Canada’s cottage country?

Blog: Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid

I love football. I also love working for Oxfam. They’re two of my major passions in life and I can be quite geeky about them. Although being able to name Everton’s championship winning side of the 80’s means I’m a bit more of a football geek. Football (or soccer, for you USA fans) connects people all around the world but there just isn’t that much opportunity to use it in my work.

Sub-Saharan Africa Revenue Trends. Total revenue increased from 13.3% to 15.6% of GDP between 1990-1994 and 2000-2006.

Blog: Tax Collection Stagnates in Low-Income Countries: What’s Been the IMF’s Role?

This is the first of a short series of Oxfam blogs on the role of international financial institutions, and the fight against poverty.

Government tax collection in low-income countries stagnated throughout the 1990s and 2000s, according to a new paper by the Center for Development Policy at the University of London.

Dorothy se manifiesta en Canadá en el Día Internacional del a Mujer. Autor: Allan Lissner/Oxfam

Blog: El W8 tiene un cometido: ¡salud y educación para todo el mundo!

El W8, un grupo de 8 destacadas activistas en campañas por la salud y la educación de todas las partes del mundo se han unido con un cometido. Juntas, utilizan sus experiencias personales trabajando, organizando y realizando campañas en sus respectivos países, para decirles a los líderes mundiales que ha llegado el momento de cumplir las promesas que hicieron a comienzos de siglo: – Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio.

Dorothy led the International Women’s Day march through the sunny streets of Toronto. Credit: Allan Lissner/Oxfam

Blog: The W8 are on mission - health and education for all!

The W8, a group of 8 prominent health and education campaigners from all corners of the globe, are on a mission. They are using their experiences of working, organizing and campaigning in their own countries, to tell world leaders that now is the time to deliver on the promises that they made at the turn of the century – the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Blog: 2010: no flying cars but an opportunity to get the Millennium Development Goals back on track

For the first blog of the new decade I want to take you back to the turn of the century. A time when facebook did not exist, George W. Bush had not yet become the president of the United States and a plan by world leaders to tackle global poverty was launched - the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

2010 is a date with fate for G8

Blog: 2010 is a date with fate for G8

Canada in 2010 is a date with fate. When the G8 leaders meet in Muskoka next June they come face to face with a long list of commitments – on aid, on Africa, on health and education, water and sanitation, on women and children, on AIDS, on climate change and now, on support for small farmers.


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